What's in2it for you?

First, look at what can result from reading these pages.

You will discover, who you are beyond the slavery and pain of ordinary social personality organized around the black and white of everything is good or evil. These maps of self rob us of our Beauty and peace and freedom of choice  as aspects of everyone being human. Modern science proves that music and beauty are the mapping of the internal electrical activity of our holomind onto the external world ! One half order and one half freedom! Self organization is presently ongoing to some degree at all levels of reality: especially noticeable in our mental activity. Wholeness at all locations and from all viewpoints was the initial finding of science that lead to the beginning of understanding holomind. This means we are free to choose our position in life: so choose now...

Since all that we are and all that we can be is "Being Human", then all that humans have accomplished over thousands of years is about who and what we are. Yet we do not see or understand or utilize these built in2 us tools of being. 

So Music is just one of a long list of parts of us that tell us who we are and how we are constructed that can now be connected to the certainty of modern science.

Others are Peace, creativity and self organization, language, doing thru the easy and knowing thru the simple, and the creation of group-cultural unity of mind that is currently allowing all humans to share the results of their efforts thru trust, openness and interdependence!

This is a start of my rewrite: so please join me!

Built-in tools of Being!

 Our Body and Brain provide the rich resources for developing Mind and self- aware consciousness. But this does not start with humans, but is built into all levels of reality. What is the structure of holography that showed us what is HoloMind? Why are rules, laws, structures and Being InSink so important to the design of Mind?

Our Body and Brain provide the rich resources for developing Mind and self- aware consciousness. But this does not start with humans, but is built into all levels of reality.


You can choose!

Design is built-in to being human: that is why there is such diversity! It is not irreversibly caused by family – heredity or environment, but can be changed by design thru choice. But there is a gap between our understanding this and what we have assumed and what we blame for what and who we are! It is like we chose a melody but do not know in what key it fits, so we look to others and rules to tell us!

For “design” the point is that nothing is written in stone as thought with “fate” and other “religion” of “eternal” unchanging structure! The laws of human design do change! “New” is built into evolution and being human in this moment! We do not need to wait another 2 million years for biological evolution because biological evolution has developed a “new” tool that allows us to self organize and reprogram. We have modeled this in many ways, but the most familiar is the programmable computer and the make-it-up-as-you-go-along internet!


New ideas pioneered in traditions of Religions, metaphysics and spirituality that can be seen as pioneering work in directions that can be completed based on new discoveries of science.

 Humans desire Peace, Love, Beauty and Creativity but do not put these words and actions into scientific context. I will synergize these and other ideas with modern science. This means not just descriptions or connections, but integration and completion within the entire realm of scientific knowledge.


What are my proposals that I want to submit to the public domain for expansion to all viewpoints.

The idea is I like to solve problems, but do not care to be "master" for its own sake. Labels like Superior - perfect - all powerful - all knowing - above and beyond - and other descriptions of "Gods" and "Buddhas" that people worship do not interest me, maybe since I am already a Buddha and found out immediately that this means that my self realization is available to everyone equally just because they are human like me. And this equality is also what holomind is about.
I understand that the "superior - perfection" stuff is really glimpses of our highest self beyond the GAP that I describe [home6]. Now the task is to reveal this scientific fact that no operating system, be it machine or living systems, can produce maps of itself or change itself or be conscious of itself, since any change to a procedure while it is operating would change the operation with unknown results. So the human solution has been to use our lower virtual persona self to map something "out and above there" that we call myth and religion. 
So I like to solve problems only when needed, and then with simple visualization, which fits the paradigm of "doing thru the easy, and knowing thru the simple".


That all beliefs and cultural structures that were/are regarded as non-scientific subjective point to some new or reorganized scientific structure. They can be regarded as emerging from the structure of holomind and as a degree of resonance with structures of matter/mind. This includes Music, Peace, God, culture, self organization, highest level of operation cannot be directly self-referent, fractals as layers of consciousness, matter as the stable states of these “fractal” layers of mind, where “mind” includes the fuzzy and stable states.

 Holomind as a new paradigm of mind and consciousness emerged from the application of the process of holography to the brain – mind structure. Much of this “holo” structure has been focused on non-locality: that all information is distributed and accessible everywhere and everywhen. Especially as outlined by Bohm and ideas of  implicate order.


My focus for holomind is on the phase space within which the holographic code produced by the interference pattern between the original coherence and the “object” information appears. I see the importance of many different sized phase spaces that can be seen as creating mind at different levels of resolution. Also these phase spaces have a structure comparable or resonant with “quantum consciousness”. These “quantum” phase spaces are [like] fractals. Here consciousness is the relationship between “fractal” stages where the “previous” level is conscious of the next generated level.


 The second important point of the holographic paradigm is the different viewpoints that are present in each “fragment” of the whole “picture”. Yes, each fragment of a hologram contains the whole information [at different levels of resolution], but from a different viewpoint. If in biological systems the holomind results from 360 degree phase spaces, then each phase looks at or is conscious of the next fractal level from a different angle – viewpoint. And given self organization, this information that is stabilized over time, self organizes in different directions. The result is multiple languages, cultures and belief systems that at one time emerged as a single viewpoint within holomind. Thus the task is to focus on a single holomind source that “explains” the resulting divergences of positions – structures – viewpoints.


The next step! My focus is on taking the next step in understanding being human based on science already present, but ignored or mislabeled. This involves treating so called religious and spiritual statements made over the millennium as insights into the nature of mind, holographic universe and being human. These insights were given before the tools and language of science existed. Thus we could not follow them up using the scientific method and translate them into language accessible to all cultures. This is the new development expected and for-told by religions! Enlightenment allows me to not ignore many questions and mysteries that are ordinarily ignored or set aside. Coupled with science this is even more powerful.

  How is culture possible given that all biological neural nets must be self organizing. This self organization means outside supervision or intervention of parents, school or civil government cannot be directly explained.

 How is specialization and division of our wholeness possible?

 How can humans view the same events with a single consciousness at different levels of resolution, if as many maintain there is only one consciousness. Thus layered fractal quantum and fuzzy structures are indicated.

 Also, I firmly supported the requirement of the scientific method of completeability and falsifiability. Completeability requires that any “new” discovery or theory be compatible with ALL other established science, which I expand to finding a synergy with so-called metaphysical theories and beliefs. This can happen in a context where pre-scientific ideas are seen as first glimpses of what has emerged using the scientific method. Falsifiability requires that new theories / discoveries be stated in a clear and precise manner so that any objections which may be raised can be tested which will prove or disprove the theories. This means that the theories must be put into a language that is accessible to and integrateable with all of science. The usual language is mathematics, but this often makes the theory inaccessible  to the “common human”. Thus pre-scientific ideas can be expanded to be looked at from many viewpoints: we can separate cultural needs for power and expansion, that requires only one side to be true as the “devine word of God”, and puts to death any descention as herasy, from emergent maps of higher levels that fit - conect with all humans.

  I wish to extend this accessibility to all by fully explaining the scientific language and how that language is used to synergize science and religion.

  I use the metaphor of an artist using the canvas of religion and the colors of science in some cases, and visa-versa in other cases. This means that in some ways ideas that have been with us for thousands of years can be used to organize new ideas of the science of mind that seem to be scattered, and that other ideas of religion are prototypes that can be clarified by science. These ideas can be seen as pioneer attempts in the same direction that science has now gone: that science has accomplished what religion set out to do in understanding ourselves and our reality.

 Completeability: It a “energy” of holomind as well as of matter. In science it is defined as the requirement of any new idea or theory to be completeable within the context of all known “Laws” and truth. Any point or location of a hologram and of holomind has the complete information of the context of the object of the hologram. All electron shells connect with other elements until the shells are complete. This is a “power” or dimension of Reality. So is self organization part of this inner need of reality for completion. Coherence is a “in step” or “lining up” that results in completion because there is no contradiction and cancellation. The Tia Chi unity is a completion of Yin and Yang. The phase spaces result in a new level of completion by the next level of holomind. So the phase as detail or as a piece of a puzzle looks for completion at the next level?


overview summary

Built-in tools of Being  What's in it for you!

 What can you discover or allow to emerge from deep within to connect who you are with beauty, peace, music and spiritual resources that are aspects of being human for everyone. You will understand that modern science proves that beauty maps in the external world a  recognition of the internal electrical  activity of our holomind! Our Body and Brain provide the rich resources for developing Mind and self- aware consciousness. But this does not start with humans, but is built into all levels of reality. What is the structure of holography that showed us what is HoloMind? Why are rules, laws, structures and Being InSink so important to the design of Mind?

How it Works!

First find out how HoloMind Works in the first 6 sections!

Then find in the rest which ones relate to your idea of mind that is the best fit for you, because only you know your mind. Click a section title to go to that section and see that viewpoint.

All life and mind is self organizing.

Thus you can select from the following list which frame of mind interests you!

This includes how Mind was designed and how to re-design your own mind!

How holomind works!

  New maps of Being Human: Consciousness (Mind) at all levels of Reality

NEW is a property of self organizing holomind, thus not just a description of my writings. Improvisation is built into Mind/Matter!

All levels of consciousness include matter as a part of mind! Holomind means that all creative processes are present at all levels and locations: this means that self organization emerges everywhere / everywhen embedded within each different level of consciousness. Thus the structure of a particular level is not violated even though it can become organized differently than at other locations. This includes the structures that are time-stable organizations called Matter which can retain their structure.

Thus “NEW” is built into consciousness at different places within the same being!

My “NEW” includes or enfolds traditional maps of mind from religion and science as the new invention of TV included Radio or the “Car” and “Airplane” upgraded previous types of transportation. Thus the “intent” and direction of flow of many religions will be preserved, but much will change. Also science started within an Exclusive - Not logic, but now new fuzzy logic and complexity theory has emerged.

Five Content and detail pages:

  What is HoloMind and How does Consciousness (Mind) emerge at all levels of Reality?

Science started to explore the way the brain organized itself that resembled how a physical hologram is constructed in the 1960s. But the mind itself has given humans of all cultures maps of holographic mind for thousands of years.


The holographic paradigm answers many questions: how can total information be distributed throughout the brain. How can the same totality be experienced from many viewpoints. Why do all activities emerge in phase space code such as Music, Language and even Games [only one example being Solitaire]! These phase codes are exactly how physical holography works! We have used these phase coding principles in AM and FM radio.

Consciousness and self awareness is easy to understand as holograms within and of holograms, just as the melody is within the harmony and both are aware of and lined up with the Rhythmic beat!

 Coherence: Design of HoloMind

Coherent light from lasers were used in the first physical holograms. Coherence means that all the crests and troughs of the light waves are lined up: in Order. Order and coherence is needed to design Mind: it becomes the reference source for the meaning of the activities of life. Humans no longer need biological maps with built-in coherence to design New Mind. We can recognize the freedom to connect stable principles that have been pioneered by science. TV, Cars, Computers and many other “things” are really spiritual models for designing Mind that connects to all viewpoints with peace and gentleness and flexibility.

Music is an example of multiple coherent sources [time and key signature and harmony] using phase spaces of "notes" and duration. Written language is a phase code within a coherent "alphabet". [otherwise words would look like "hist" ("this" in alphabetical or coherent order )] Rules and games [sports like basketball or football "soccer"] use inhibitory rules to create phase spaces where each individual has a complete map but performs from their position [holographic viewpoint] and the self organization is called skill and play. This is similar to a symphony orchestra structure.

Rules and consequently coherence, are the natural output of neural networks: Data in - Rules out! This and the way in which neural networks are fully connected with weights is the same structure as holograms!

 The stacking of holomind: consciousness as fractals!

Discoveries in science are self-referential: science proposes [a problem] science disposes [with an answer]. So the gap above the highest level continues to ignor where these solutions are answers to other questions. In this case fractals map the nature of consciousness by mapping how the coherence of holomind is stacked upon itself in a self referring process! Yet fractals were first proposed as solutions to "mathematical monsters" that seemingly could not exist within the old maps of dimension. When I first saw in 1976 the first book published on "Fractals" I immediately saw its implications for my work: this was one of the breakthrus in science I had been hoping for!

Maps are part of consciousness that result when holomind is layered: a hologram of a hologram. This process allows the separation of living beings into interlocking phase “parts” of the original “whole” coherence. This is the Adam’s rib Yin phase half. Culture and civilization expands as the level of resolution of the phase spaces gets finer: more elements in a larger space. Some of the first results of phase mapping is found in the diversity of human "selves or egos" which maps the entire ecological system of the "animal realm" onto the human psyche as emerged in various cultural maps called "astrologies". Thus the “specialist” and “worker” developed, and new coherent structures develop which no longer resemble a “normal” biological or physical wave coherence of a start and rise, a high, a fall and a low or as commonly referred to “life and death”. The result is discarded phase segments clearly illustrated in recent culture by elders becoming the “aged / old people”. Because of the rapid development of new phase structures the youth become the elders because of their rapid learning skills [and other reasons].

 Music and other Maps of HoloMind

This section Shows that music is a map of consciousness and holomind. Holograms require sources of coherence, such as lasers, to construct and reMember themselves. The sources of coherence in Music is the Time and Key signature. Consciousness is self referent Just as Melody refers to harmony and rhythm!

Thus Mind itself Sings! Music and poetry and Drama and Dance is the voice of mind in its own code and holomind structure! This is the very essence and inner nature of HoloMind: not a representation or metaphor! Other maps of our minds have emerged and presented themselves as popular or "fun", but have been ignored as serious scientific or religious maps of holomind! One such map is cards and the game Solitaire! I will show how this "fits" as a map of culture and psychological structures that shows the process of constructing HoloMind! Cards use the basic coherence and phase spaces that overlap necessary to create the code of a hologram and consciousness or self awareness. In the holomind, the neocortex connects to the older brains and not directly to the sense organs. Then the neocortex is making a hologram of the hologram phase spaces of the older brains. Thus it can make a self similar phase space of each phase within the phase spaces of the older brains. This fractal scaling is obviously what happens in the creation of language and the maps of "Art, Music, etc." These neural networks in the neocortex which are virtual representations of fragments of the older brain can be shared with others who plug them into their brain [process resulting in "meaning"] as if all humans brains are inside a single virtual skull. This process is modeled by the places of religious worship [cathedrals, mosques, temples, churches, etc.] Thus the meaning of being human is that we all share one mind as maps within each individual. This process of fractal scaling [fragmentation] reduces the intensity of single pieces of information or process states in the neocortex relative to the high survival intensity of the older brains that relate and deal with family, food, territory, sex and survival.

 Peace! Doing thru simple and easy

Peace is Built into being human! The East Asian philosophy of Taoism is especially “right on”! The I Ching points to how consciousness exists at all levels of quantum holomind reality. We can see that mater and energy are subsets of mind that are stable in the time dimension, and that “fuzzy states” which are most unstable can still interact with matter. Solutions of the problems of quantum physics are offered by this structure of mind as layers of consciousness interacting with itself!?

These phases of human life can be illustrated by maps of consciousness already present, but unrecognized, like the card games of solitaire! Going up or down and choosing to start with any card after looking at all the shuffle from an up - revealed position is being fully human. Because of self organizing mind, I created all the positions and conditions incumbent on any stack / phase location, so I do not need to “know” how others prearranged the stack regarding any subject or area of knowledge. I do not need the baggage of background or preparation or school as given by others to tell me what things are!!! I am human which means I am Buddha and Christ! These “heroes” were only pointing the way as pioneers! This “enlightenment” and “nirvana” [as the freedom from baggage] is what I offer and talk about. But this offer is not doing it for others as Christianity moved into, or being totally one[ness] individual as Buddhist culture: but seeing from all sides / viewpoints / phase locations whenever I so decide! This is not some superman /power but is built into the holomind / brain and consequently built intoit being human!!


Everything has an Opposite

Opposition and complementarity is built in at all levels of reality. Inverse or upside-down, but not negative or evil is needed!

New look at conjunction and opposition: contraction and holding - grasping or release - relaxation. It is energy or rest. Thus tension and strength and closed or open and flexible and reduction. This is also coherence as lining up and belief or dispute and no stand?! This is not chaos but the two [at least] limits. So it comes close to the idea of the 3 poisons: attachment / fusion or aversion and the in-between of confusion. They become poisons when they are objects instead of processes that change or develop.

This is in line with the reptilian brain and basic process - movement procedures of what sequence of contraction - relaxation produces movement and [skill] sequences or pieces that can be assembled into tasks.

What if there is no chaos: only fuzzy states and mind. Thus what has been misinterpreted as random is fuzzy or partial - incomplete structures at a different dimension. Because things cannot be calculated or rationalized, we cannot conclude that they are random, especially in a non-local holographic universe! Thus chaos theory can be considered an excuse to stop looking for multiple dimensional structures, especially in time, because “their [science] idea of reality” doesn’t fit everything. This is reminiscent of religious answers and positions: for instance that “gOD” is all knowing and author of all causes. This attitude in religion removed god from reality as an absentee creator: thus creativity is part of chaos and not a result of a self organizing universe.

Science has for the most part ignored time as an active multiple dimensional process and procedural structure - realm that is non-local. '; How is mind designed and how can we all participate in this as if we are programmers?

Two Content and detail pages:

  Gap above mind: religion and science.

The highest level of human consciousness cannot directly map itself! Why? Because it is being used to make the maps, so lower levels with less representational space were used that made incomplete maps: they could not know themselves. Music is and has been a map of the principles of holomind for thousands of years, but no one Saw it. This is true for other human activities like “Drama”, playing Cards [especially solitaire], games and sport, and others. Buddhist thinkers have pointed to this all along by saying that our world of activities is a projection of Mind! These maps can be “believed” to be true in religion, but if they were “complete” there would be no necessity of belief. There would be no question or choice: they would be a “reality” and part of the design of mind! The maps of science point in many directions and do not need belief. In fact disbelief, called falsifiability, requires that all maps be clear to and testable by all humans! Now humans can apply these new spiritual principles to the design of mind!

Why is culture beyond Biology?

Because Self organizing Neural networks do not allow external cultural supervision!

That is why culture needed to go beyond biology! The only types of neural networks allowed in biological systems must be Self Organizing. This means that external supervision such as by Families, Schools, Traditions [verbal or written], religion or Civil Governments is impossible. What are the consequences and implications for ignoring this impossibility? How does self organizing mind really work in a holographic setting?

All Neural networks in biological systems must be self organizing within their self containment. This fact of contained self organization does NOT directly permit the functional processes like teaching and supervision that are central to human culture. How humans developed structures to circumvent this apparent biological impossibility of Human Culture leads to understanding a new, more inclusive definition of what it is to be human based on science, but validates much of what is contained in all previous human attempts of self understanding called religion and philosophy. My model has produced a complete new paradigm of what are the procedural components that define Being Human. This uses the newly developed mathematics of neural networks and self organization. It answers the question of how human culture developed methods of supervision, teaching and organization that are biologically impossible given the fact that the only kind of neural networks that can exist within biological systems are self organizing. From Human to ant brains alike cannot be opened up and programmed like a computer but must learn and do everything that we attribute to influence and traditions from internal structuring. This also means that even though given the same "input" which produces the same "output", different individuals will and must structure their neural networks uniquely and individually and that during the repetition of these so called "learned skills" each individual will alter - deviate from the skill by their unique self organization. This is built in and only began to appear as "mistakes or sin" when 5,000 or more years ago the artificial experiment of human development called agriCulture started looking for "rationality and a central organizing principle".


Six of the designs of holomind: Looking at the neocortex as a maper.

The new maps of human mind as transcendental to material science treat the spiritual traditions on an equal footing with pioneer scientific discoveries that later were proved to be incomplete. Thus I have given myself permission to propose how these spiritual traditions can be completed using the new mapping abilities of the science of complexity. For instance, I do not discard Astrology, but see it as a first attempt to describe the emergence of many levels of holographic mind that seemed to operate outside the control of though and mind. I ascribe the cosmos as sources of coherence needed to create holographic mind just as a laser is the source of coherence needed to create a physical hologram. But I do not restrict myself to the cosmos as the only source of coherence, or see this as an inescapable scientific cause / effect structure. I see that the cosmos was available and put into use by the evolution of life on earth.

Other maps have emerged that are pioneer works such as the I Ching, the Indian Chakra system and the mystical traditions of the Kaballah which resulted in the Tarot cards. These are different incomplete viewpoints of the same internal structures, which incompleteness can be clearly understood by the multiple viewpoints available within a physical hologram. Beyond that, I propose that mind is a recursive holographic process resulting in what can now be illustrated by the science of fractal dimensions. This means that if consciousness has holographic structures, then self consciousness is structured as holograms of holograms which result in the worlds of consciousness being divided into phase spaces. Examples are the time and key signatures of music, the alphabets of language, and “social hierarchies [casts]” of human society to mention a few.

Six Content and detail pages:


Fuzzy Logic! 

Before rational mind and discipline emerged, humans used natural biological mind structured with fuzzy logic!

The connection with the totem and animal ecology was the first design of mind by humans. Does putting metaphysical systems such as Astrology and Tarot card reading into scientific language point to the reality of how the layer of holomind called “personality” or “Self” was designed. Is this design only a stage of development that allowed diversity in human culture? Have humans grown out of that stage? If there is anything to Astrology, then it can be modernized to show how the cosmos has been a source of coherence for the design of holomind at all levels. What I have done is design new maps of the neocortex, the reptilian brain of organ systems studied by TCM as well as expanding traditional Astrology to include the human female. I show how pairs of planets are coherent sources for consciousness that have been pointed to in all cultures as graphic diagrams. Before 1966 I was among the debunkers of any Astrology, but then suddenly during a study session, I had an awakening to a connection between the mind and the cosmos. So from that basic premise I began to study traditional Astrology. But I soon saw that it had only a small application to the types of behavior that humans have come to label "Fate" or "Karma". This lead to my re-invention of synergetic Astrology.


 AgriCulture uses Religion to design mind: single-mindedness!

AgriCulture needs - even requires discipline! How and why did humans first design mind using coherence sources. What is the impact of differing sources of coherence: as “God” the Source and as “Self-organizing Buddha” ? How did the single-mindedness of discipline and multigenerational family structure translate into religion that allowed the accumulation of skills and knowledge?

The unity of being human with all humans and all living beings is from the coherent source of holomind. This is like the coherence that encodes an entire hologram or is like the “Father” to the entire thing. The coherent light starts out as a unity which splits to find the object. Then the coherence reflects the object as a phase code which recombines with the original source as “Father”. This “Father” coherence provides a unity to the hologram so that any or all parts can be reMembered or reconstructed or reCreated by the coherent source. It is / has been modeled as consciousness that creates Reality! That “physical” metaphor does not fully describe/ include the reality of living beings: as in a Hilbert space of Quantum / holographic structure, each different phase direction can be an entire “dimension”. That is, each direction in not just a different viewpoint, but a whole new beingness. Yet unified in the original coherence. This is seen in DNA and other coherent holomind structures.

 Science designs mind

How can humans use science to reframe the successes of religion to design a whole book of maps of mind that includes Cultural coherence? How does the certainty of the scientific method allow reliable stable maps that are expected to change/evolve to “New and Better”? Can putting religion into the language of science show how the intuitive mind of religion prefigured modern science of complexity?

Reductionism reconsidered: Synergy!

The sacred is transformed into complete fit as a new way of seeing from all viewpoints. Science becomes the next step of what was seen as "spiritual". The dualism of spiritual / material is integrated and synergized into complete access to knowledge and wisdom and material wealth. Fate is transcended by open opportunity to any profession or class.

Since nothing is sacred, if some design does not function or is not complete, new ways and designs can be tried!

Overcoming reductionism

Design with All viewpoints: completeability.

Problems of science and religion defined.


 Competition and fashion designs mind

Business and commerce allow maps that are expected to change/evolve to “New and Better”? Can putting religion into the language of Commerce show how the intuitive mind of religion prefigured modern science of complexity?

Design with "Whatever"!

The use of make-up and other altering process is spiritual: it is creative moving away from DNA!

The ego can be seen as a process of self consciousness that uses a starting point [like a sign] to arrange coherence in One Mindedness. Like using cards in solitaire other than ace for start.

Later! [not now?]

New and improved: my representations are within the "materialist - industrialist" paradigm. It also is completeable with religion and other cultural positions! My work brings things together and make them "work" better: to improve and reveal the meaning!

Cool [as in peaceful ]

"Newness" as paradigm along with "fit-in"!

TV is "easy and simple"!


 How I designed my mind.

This is personal information about my life as an enlightened being, and how nonverbal areas of my consciousness pointed me along many paths. This effort started after my enlightenment in 1958 when I saw my life task was to unify Modern science, especially what is now found in Complexity Theory, with the human traditions found in religions, philosophy, and metaphysics thruout the ages. It is as if I use the canvas of tradition and the paints of Science to make new pictures that allow us to redesign Mind itself! We can finally realize the simplicity and ease in an enormous space of Modern Mind that was referred to so long ago in many traditions, especially Taoist that stated "to Do thru the easy and Know thru the simple"! I will map how this emerged in Christianity as "Faith and Grace" instead of "works"! I have already mentioned my first seeing in 1976 the first book published on "Fractals" I saw its implications for my work. Many regard "subjective experience" as unscientific, yet within the science of consciousness, "subjective experience" is produced by consciousness, and thus requires inclusion within any viable model. My study of Mind journey started in 1958 when I had a sudden personal experience of enlightenment while in the process of reading my first book on Buddhism. I soon decided to apply my new openness and freedom to synergizing traditional approaches to Mind found in religion and metaphysics with modern science. It soon became clear that classical science of only black and white logic had little to offer. So I waited until the discovery of Fractals, fuzzy logic and neural network theory, and self organization to mention a few in what is now called complexity theory.



 Participation and feedback in community and the public domain

Participation and feedback in community and the public domain is the cornerstone of modern culture and especially in the progress of science. It is required that anyone can know and test new ideas and designs! These pages are “under construction” as is my entire work. I write from my center without concern about perfection: thus this web looks very sloppy and fragmented because it is. Not put in great order or worry about being understood. That is because I am submitting this work to all humanity, and even if it was completely finished, it would not connect with as big an audience. It would be too mystical and unproved for some or too wordy for others or too scientific. So I am learning to relax!

I open myself to participation from others who wish to connect with these ideas!

Two Content and detail pages:

  Other Writings and Authors

There are many sources that can contribute to understanding and designing holomind. I will add annotated sources from the public domain of thinkers: Modern and traditional.

New creativity for everyone: participation and feedback!

Here I will allow my own self organization to change this material from your input: this is also a page of references on the WWW which has become the new map of human culture, replacing buildings shaped like the inside of a human skull, with a WW network of computers which resembles the interconnection of individual neurons to form a new “ONE MIND”!


 This web site is still under construction as is my main web page.

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