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Yes! The sound of one hand clapping refers to connecting with others as modeled in the HIGH FIVE, which gesture emerged in the '60s as a response to TV press talking about and disparaging hippies! I was one! 

The space of the neocortex, as peace and gentleness, is where I - we connect to for cure and psychological relief: like becoming clear as talked about in scientology.  Thus a bad memory, or present experience can be connected to the neocortex to empty it or enlighten. 

Completeability implies enlightenment: creating knowledge, truth, science that does not have a hidden single dimension model structure, but is open to all or any others who wish to test it and connects with all other understandings. 

Enlightened as White light: complete and not of a single frequency and dark to all others!

This is also the requirement of science that knowledge be falsifiable. 

The Christian idea of "we are all sinners" is an incomplete way of presenting falsifiability and completeability: we are never fully connected or complete selves outside of humanity and can always improve in skills and openness. 


Here I will allow my own self organization to change this material from your input: this is also a page of references on the WWW which has become the new map of human culture, replacing buildings shaped like the inside of a human skull, with a WW network of computers which resembles the interconnection of individual neurons to form a new “ONE MIND”!

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I finally found a web design that encompasses my mind!

The following material from 1996 will now be revised and updated!

I will remove this notice when I finish on this page!

Introducing a new representation of

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

 This web site is still under construction as is my main web page.

Here are some relevant old pages from 1996 on. Still works in progress:

Science resources pages 0: Holograms and summary

Page1 Resource 1 Neural Nets

Page2 Resource 2 More Neural nets

Page3 Resource 3 Fractals

Page4 Resource 4 cosmos connection with life: Cellular automata processes and general systems of levels of resolution procedures to [function] produce what we experience as consciousness of inner and outer realities as mind.

Page1 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

Page2 Spiritual No Blame

Page3 Spiritual Buddhist and other religion

Page4 Spiritual science as spiritual

Page5 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

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