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Fragmentation and incompleteness is what humans have accepted in order to be human. This is made possible by the use of language which allows humans to share our brain so that completion is the interdependency of the "whole" culture. The idea of sin recognizes this state of incompleteness, but is part of an incomplete or confused truth. The incompleteness is in the time domain / dimension. It is referred to by science as "neonatal", meaning that the human species has the developmental qualities of 6 month old, immature apes. This arrested development is possible because of the acculturation process in which language and the use of the neocortex as a braking system are totally connected. Humans "halt" their connection with the cycles of the cosmos by attaching themselves to a fixed point of time and freezing the positions of the planets to form a pattern that humans refer to as a "self". This is the mechanism of self reference by which we build / construct an interconnected fractal structure in which each human has a different address given by their Chart or pattern of the cosmos at the time of birth. In Western Christianity this is the focus on the Christmas birth of our inner self as the complete "sum" of all humans called Christ. Thus when I accept my humanness I accept that I am a fragment of the whole and cannot mature or speak for everyone or get my model or writings "finished", since each moment will only deliver another fragmented viewpoint. Yet this is my model speaking: that I have only given a set of fragments thru the Eyes of my chart as an address in the pattern of human wholeness. The religious idea of sin is a primitive realization of the existence of this fragmentation confused with family childrearing practices. The confusion of sin is with family structures of punishment and blame leading to guilt and feelings of NOT OK. This results in not being one's self with the needs of self organization at that particular address. All humans know how to develop their address, but they try to become "everyman" as if humans have a single developmental path. There are many dimensions of addressing for different process system structures. The primary ones that I will describe are of the three brains: Reptilian or Qi of action, Mammal or mid-brain of emotion, and neocortex of intellect, language and internal models. The galaxy address is the interlocking species of evolution address of the "spiritual body" and crown chakra of 1,000 petals which is 1056 partitions of 10 dimensions and the 20 turns of the DNA![?] It is the "completion" of all life forms and the fractal generator of computational spaces of Mind. I hypothesize that the names of the constellations are taken from the movement of the solar system within the Galaxy: The Arrow of Sagittarius points to the center of the galaxy. Cancer the Crab starts the sideways movement to the direction of flow which is in Pisces as the 2 Fish moving in opposite directions. One as the direction of the solar system and the other as the direction of the Galaxy. Aquarius is pouring the water Down after having reached the Zenith in Capricorn of our movement in the local star group. This is the mountain top goat high and sea bottom crocodile tail in one axis. Scorpio throws its tail over itself as the planets reach the point of crossing ahead of the Sun and accelerating with the tail (planets) moving faster than the body (Sun).