E-Mail and other Connections

Collaboration as shared mind.

Being human is sharing one mind, so getting a response to how others plug my writings in to their mind, how they understand or don't care, is normal. My writings have no meaning until others connect and it is natural to respond to that connection.
This response is especially needed since I am introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on the synergy [coming together] of new ideas in science and diverse spiritual traditions found in religions and metaphysics. 

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You can arrange to purchase Astrological charts with new never published anywhere charts for sensation / Qi, Emotional brain, your spiritual / intellectual structure, your personality as right side and opposite gender left side.

Modern science is a community effort and so can be participation in writing a book that is inclusive of many viewpoints as is natural for holographic and fractal Mind. You are invited to bring your skills to this project!

Classes can be individually structured on the web while participating in the community. You can interrupt the presentation at any point for clarification, feedback or requesting your direction.