This page is a map of the content of my pages with links to interesting topics. Published material can be current organic growing evolving. The material is dated so you can stay in touch with my weekly output. The material is vast and wide ranging, but this is the World Wide Web: the new Cathedral - Temple - Mosque within which we share being human.

My unending book and synergetic model of science and religion is developed to be complete and thus address all points of view. I invite your questions, comments and/or alternative solutions and I will respond with how my model answers your concerns.


The focus of these pages is in two areas:

First: A simple definition of being human which incorporates and synergizes [harmonizes and includes] modern science and traditional religion. I use the new research in neural networks which show that only self organized and hence self contained neural networks are possible in biological - human brains. Thus human culture is biologically impossible. So humans got around the problem by creating maps of maps of our neural networks that can be shared as language with the group, which allows to act as-if we are all inside a single skull. This gives us the great leverage of shared information, but has the drawback of starting all over again in inventing forms that allow the same level of intelligence that we achieved when humans invented language. Early language forms before modern mathematics could not represent procedures and processes much more complex than hard shelled insects! Thus it was almost impossible to even get close to the intelligence of apes using language much less understand evolution.

Understanding language is difficult to express in language! Many religions have experienced this difficulty, and my favorite representation is from Taoist writings paraphrased as speaking about the Tao is not the Tao: "Who talks about the Tao does not know the Tao and Who knows the Tao does not speak about the Tao!"

This points very clearly to the representation of language as a scaffolding built around beautiful landmarks that block experiencing their beauty! Now I understand that this is only the beginning of the representation: each board or support of the scaffolding has its own scaffolding to fix it and make language as the scaffolding conform to the RULES or TRUTH of how to build scaffolding irregardless of the original landmark, and then the scaffolding of RULES has its miniature scaffolding and so on. This is a fractal structure! It is also a neural network that in the first case is self organizing and each successive level becomes more organized by culture. Thus the original Taoist statement is also a scaffolding on a scaffolding and as such points to [represents] the entire process. Many people thruout the centuries have seen this as a primary scaffolding and used it as an excuse to mystify the situation further by making it a RULE! The strength of my enlightenment is to clarify this situation and share with the world the permission I give myself to bypass this quandary and directly represent the Tao!

So to review: any culture is biologically impossible because our brains which structured as neural Networks are self organizing. Humans circumvented this by building scaffolding around the "Original" structures. This idea of scaffolding can then be shared with others who then themselves build their own scaffolding around their own unique structures [still self organizing], so that even though the original buildings are unique, the scaffolding has a common structure, which is of course language. Other unique scaffolding that is not expected to have a common structure is the Arts, and the scaffolding built on the scaffolding is religion and science.

The problem with this process is that humans go to sleep about what is the original structure, they ignore the original structure / Mind and see the scaffolding not as representations of original Mind but as the primary structure. Then humans have tried to change original Mind to make the scaffolding easier to use and more "Rational". [That process has self reference feedback which makes it grow and expand without check.]

Finally the best and most beautiful scaffolding becomes the primary focus and original Mind is lost sight of entirely! I have spoken about this in reference to removing one triangle of the Star of David transforming it into the trinity. Rules used to change rules as if you could pass a law to make gravity an equal opportunity force that pulled you in all directions at once and was not prejudice in the "Down" direction!

Another example is the blunder the Greeks made centuries BC. When they declared that the Zodiac no longer had to do with the stars, but started on the Vernal Equinox, [which is by the way the middle of spring, not the first day as so many idiots tell us: another example of scaffolding on scaffolding on scaffolding!] This enormous blunder applied the energies of the warier - thinker - doer of the back of the body to the nurturing - communicating - loving front earthly energies. Not only did it turn Astrology into garbage [which was so powerful that even in its present corrupt state, many gifted people can still access some of the underlying wisdom] but it reduced the study of the original mind in the West to the study of mechanics and the body as a machine whose exhaust is consciousness and mind.

Thus even today humans talk about the DNA and the midbrain and reptilian brain as if they have nothing at all to do with their consciousness and everyday intelligence when in fact these are the original Structures, original Mind [SON OF MAN] that the scaffolding is built around. These are what introduced themselves to me at my moment of enlightenment 39 years ago and what connect with me as I write this now. These are the Mind that is hundreds of millions of years old, not the mere 100,000 or maybe much less age of the scaffolding! This Mind has changed very little in that ~100,000 years and even less in the last 3,000 years since the time of those we see as the founders of religions. But the scaffolding has changed enormously and I recognize that science has begun anew to fit the scaffolding to the original mind instead of the other way around as has been the case for so long!

Abstract science is still far removed in its constructions, but much of the new work of John Bradshaw and Harvel Hendrix, Alice Miller, and those of NLP to name only a few, have begun to bring us to connect with and respect our original Mind!

I hope to add to this in my web pages and teachings with the new understanding [scaffolding] of how all of our holographic Minds are written with space and time sources of coherence and the fractal structure of the scaffolding [culture] that is directly representing original Mind!

The fact of holographic processes in the brain creates a situation where all the levels of intelligence found in each stage of evolution is concurrently present in our brains. So it is no wonder that these earlier, older and more stable processes used by reptiles, birds, fish, insects as well as mammals play a part in how humans process information using language, and sometimes take over in what we call "emotional" or "instinctive" behavior. I believe we are just now over the past 3,000 years for a few and especially lately, for the many in the age of science, humans are beginning to discover and realize the true potential of shared mind: a intelligent network that extends beyond the individual. Yet still only individuals are self organizing.

So these pages are about self organization of a synergy or network of connection. As each new connection is made it may replace older explanations, yet I keep these older connections to show the process and the poetry of development.

Second: These pages contain my new model of the connection of life and the cosmos. Science evolved from actual observations instead of using beliefs and opinions. Only now in the last few years have the mathematical language evolved enough to represent my observation. Yet they are still at the stage of Galileo in terms of the vast structures that I see where only a few percent has been explored in spiritual traditions such as Astrology and the Taoist I Ching. This is a new beginning and not to be confused with Astrology which was invented to be only about the fate of the male psyche and nations and is steeped in a mythical language that has never been investigated using the scientific method [although some have tried and progress is being made]. For instance, Mercury is considered related to intelligence in Eurocentric systems, but is related to fear and courage in Asia and because the logics of neural networks is "fuzzy" both and neither can be "right" at the same time!!

You can purchase individual charts from me which others have told me has been more powerful than the psychotherapy they have previously used. I do not nor will I ever provide any predictions or diagnosis, yet I combine the resources of all forms of modern psychology and psychotherapy and encourage others to develop themselves thru what ever works for them and maybe my work will help in self understanding. But again I emphasize that I will not foretell love, money or anything else because any "fate" is part of our animal minds and I am focused on the human mind of connection and networks which can choose, change and develop by reframing what we consider to be "ourselves".

These pages are "in process" and under construction as I convert and edit material that was intended for hard-cover book to the Internet where continuous development and revision is possible.

Following are some of my concerns which I have sought answers for over the last 40 years and the links to the best solutions I have come up with so far.

So how did human culture evolve in the face of the biological limitation imposed by self organization?

We evolved Ego, selves which share their brain with all other humans thru language as if we are all inside a single virtual skull. Investing and immersing ourselves in restricting our intellect to the limits of representation of language was a step backwards to a new beginning which thru out all the advanced logics of self organizing neural networks to be replaced with "group" organizing social - language networks. This step backwards produced side effects called "Karma / Fate" which result from humans forgetting that they created the whole social mess in the first place.

My model: how do humans deal with the "Karma / Fate" of the mid brain charts which are identified with one's birthday and the "animal" midbrain? First the question of what function this chart, or as it is otherwise named, our "SELF" play in evolution of being human? My discovery is that language and "selves" emerge from the same source: a new ability that emerged in human evolution to "see or map" our connection with the cosmos from distinct viewpoints. Humans evolved the ability to construct multiple selves!! Each single individual usually only makes use of a single "self" called a personality or ego and has many "satellite" selves such as "female" side [for a male], parent, adult, child or sibling, teacher etc.. These are called roles and each one has a separate "chart" or tracking relationship with the cosmos! Each chart / self is like a database that is used to organize a "time line" of memories / experiences that make up that self and it's "knowledge base".

[See the many materials on the creation myth on my pages: creation 1, creation 2, creation 3]

The modern research into amnesia and multiple personality and brain development where human memories are not possible until after age 2 or 3, and neonatal development and fragmentation lay a foundation for my startling conclusions. In the "animal mind" memories and "knowledge" are related to the chain of DNA and evolution which is refereed to as the chain of birth and death in Buddhist philosophy. The "map of the cosmos" that is used by this animal mind is heliocentric and real time with some "Geocentric" information. Humans developed the ability to "leave this Garden of Eden of the heliocentric" to establish unique singular Geocentric positions or "viewpoints": humans can separate from the cosmic hologram and in effect identify themselves. This is done by "breaking down" our species specific coherent generator "wave form" needed to construct our "hologram" into a phase space where we select a "self" related to a single phase angle instead of the total phase angles that make up a "wave form". [I will need to use graphics to be included.] This phase angle is equivalent to one's birthday and additionally the moment of birth. The birthday is a single phase angle taken by dividing the year as the complete wave into 360 parts or phase angles. The additional "separation" is achieved by breaking the single wave form of the earth's rotation called a day into 360 parts and treating each part as if it was a day in the year "wave form". This is a new fractal level of evolution which creates a huge data "space" of addresses which at first were mapped by a iteration of the same set of evolution of animal species: humans fragment themselves into cultural beings by repeating the way animal species "fill" the ecological "space". As explained elsewhere this is pointed to by Astrology, Tarot, and I Ching to name a few. I explain the details elsewhere: Fragmentation, whole model as fractal sundial, more.

So how do we interrupt this Karma? By getting in touch with this heliocentric center and generator of selves and understanding that we created our "self" and can either stop or create other selves. These "ways" have been pointed to by religion and spiritual practices. [This is NOT an endorsement of religion either in its traditional forms or as science!] In our modern world "therapies" provide many new ways in this path, but they as well as religion also function to return the emerging awakening to the sleep of the ego because of the threat to cultural stability of understanding that every living being is self organizing!

One of the ways, or maybe The process, by which this self is created is by ignoring 3/4 of our feeling energies and rationalizing the rest. Thus getting in touch with the chaotic [literal in the mathematical meaning] realm [space] of feelings [reptilian brain or Qi] is one way to reestablish connection with our center and heliocentric connection.

What are feelings? Are they rackets? Are they special such as diamonds to be given special attention? Rackets are procedures to get attention or "your way" as a young child does when throwing a fit. This is an act of will and conscious intention after the fact: the emotion has been experienced and is now being manipulated - used to manipulate others for an advantage.

One racket is to treat emotions as if they are conscious decisions! If the person feels anger they are then allowed to lash out or do something violent, with sadness they can disconnect. This way of treating emotion usually involves "Blame". Thus the person does not need to take responsibility for their feelings.

What is taking responsibility? It is seeing the emotion as an internal response that is giving information, such as in the case of anger, it is showing limits. Someone or something has intruded within acceptable boundaries. The appropriate action is to acknowledge the anger and as a human to communicate the state without blame. Tell the other person that they have gone too far and give them space to be self correcting, in other words let them be human. Grief is the signal of some felt loss. This is sometimes expressed as sadness which is the signal that things are not proceeding as expected.

These emotions are often confused with states of energy: highs and lows, ups and downs. These energy states are monitored as if they were emotions which can result in inappropriate actions or feelings: we can feel happy because we are "up" and sad or angry when only tired.

The action of being human is to join the human community by sharing and connecting thru communication. If humans are not allowed to share and connect they stay in the "animal mind" where the emotions and energy states originated which has only self organized procedures available to deal with the situation: social equality disappears. All we can do is give in or disappear or try to be superior and better than those who stop connecting.

How do we recognize loss of connection? It is often called denial and discounting as well as mislabeling. We do not allow ourselves to feel the emotion: ignorance is the action of ignoring and denial. When humans discount their emotions they can do the same to others. This discount is a assessment and judgment made to mirror a desired outcome: to manipulate the situation so as to avoid and thus void the reality of the emotion. Human infants learn what to do about their emotions by the way their care-givers mirror what is happening. This takes place before the neocortex or human brain has matured [finished its development] enough to remember or put their context into images and differentiate between emotion and energy states. So what happens to the direction of development of this still unformed brain when their states are met with no acknowledgment of even existing or worse with disgust - disdain or "poor baby". We form a "Self" and later an EGO!!!

Consciousness is:

Book marks

Spiritual 1 My model
Is there a single structure from which all patterns emerge?

modela1 My model is not of influences,

modela2 The symphony is model

modela3 Outline of "Levels" that are fractally self similar and scaled.

modela4 This fractal structure creates

"meta" models that are global to all other models.

Modela5 In the last chapter I introduced a great deal of "science" which I intend to tie into a model of the relationship or connection of life with the cosmos.

model1 3 brains model My model has separate charting structures for each of these three structures.

model2 THE REPTILIAN BRAIN or activation system is the Qi cycle based on the circadian rhythm of day and night. Thus there is a single chart for each day that changes slowly synchronous with the seasons.

model2a Reptilian or Qi charts the sympathetic and parasympathetic and does not follow the logic of symmetry but of the unequal day - night cycle! This then may be the chaos from which creation developed intelligence by imposing symmetry.
model3 THE

which charts how humans deal with emotions from their animal brain.

model3a "feminine principle" or anima

What does this all Mean?

This is a map of how animals deal with their energies that humans are Stuck with!

model3b progressed chart.

model2b <Maybe the 12 signs are related to as music

Model4 At the top is the neocortex

model4a In the heliocentric / neocortex chart,

model4b Humans structure time into past - background,

model4c heliocentric chart from the center.

model4d The third level is the charts for language and

model4e The resonant structures

model5 bio-cycles of 23, 28, and 33 days

model6 Consciousness becomes Language by the development of mapping of the solar system into imaginary positions:


Spiritual 2 About model

model1 Sin without blame or guilt.

model2 What is language dimensionally?

model3 fractal holographic "sundial" like viewing a tinker-toy [lego] construction

model4 This "One Mind" can generate many patterns

model5 The neural nets as a digital fractal sundial

model6 The point is that each moment of awareness is constructed of a set of ready to go procedures completely available for employment

model7 Combination of n.nets, levels of resolution, neonatal and consciousness:

model8 This is the psychic situation when humans began to be fully and permanently upright, and lose the 4 dimensional world

model9 <>Thoughts arise from an energy surface

model10 In the lower dimension there are fewer phase

model11 The pendulum pattern reveals

model12 ADDED Journal Material

model13 The 2 dimensional slices of a three space are a fractal subset of the 3 space

model14 The fractal algorithm that controls the phase angles

model15 "coherent source"

model16 summary:

model17 Prediction:

model18 The main question is how did the heliocentric pattern become encoded at birth

Spiritual 3 Religion


model2 "Unified Meta System:

model3 Religious worship emerges from

model4 Concept of God

model5 Culture is like driving a car

model6 Buddhist service

model7 The pattern of the "original" human as Adam is the compete pattern of wholeness.

model8 Symmetry of the "apple"

model9 Earth may be "shadow" or other half rebellion of Eve's apple.


C. Hunter / gather

model11 The culture of the Adult Child:

model12 The meditation is also called and practiced by NLP as reframing which is reconnecting the "tinker toys

model13 Cambodian letter Problem with communist position compared with Buddhist traditions.

model14 Moslem position

model15 I have been framing Buddhism as a scientific psychology

model16 The legend of Buddha: Self originating Mind and neural nets.

model17 Suffering as deprivation of expectations that "wired" into our brain

model18 Heaps and skandhas

model19 There is a solution

model20 8 fold path

model21 Centering as SUCHNESS

model22 One new model of the nature of Time

model23 TAOISM

model24 Result in psychology of TORI

Spiritual 4 Science and models

model1 1. Science as spiritual

model2 What is knowledge

model3 Scientific method

model4 Science doesn't provide any rules or morality of how to discipline mind

model5 Models, Explanations, theories and Laws

model6 book "Philosophy and the science of Behavior"

model7 Theories and models "are the instruments for deriving experimental hypotheses

model8 book "Conscious Universe"

model9 book "Schrodinger's Kittens and the search for reality

model10 I call this "pseudotime" a fractal of time

model11 "Rational consciousness"

allows modern humans to ignore more "global" - complete - total "existence

model12 Knowledge is an abstraction that does not exist as an outcome of the activity of our nets

model13 how mind can interact with the mechanical universe at the level of sub Atomic particles

model14 "The Contents of Science"

model15 So what is the spirituality of the scientific method

model16 Bias of science

Spiritual 5 my model details

model1 Levels of resolution

model2 Mars

model3 Mercury

model4 Venus

model5 Jupiter

model6 Saturn

model7 Uranus

model8 Neptune Pluto

model9 Moon

model10 Sun / earth

model11 SYSTEMS

model12 Aspects

model13 different nodes

model14 Different dimensions of I Ching and planets in each.




model18 EXAMPLES

resource holography

model1 Genesis

What the myth of creation refers to

model2 Hologram and neural networks

model3 Stacked holograms

model4 Frequency stacking

model5 Levels of time resolution

model6 Dimension stacking

model7 Fragmentation and levels of resolution

model8 Defraction gratings or rules resolve fuzzy merged holograms.


model10 extrasensory mind "reading"

model11 studio of the mind

Science 1 neural nets

model1 "Naturally Intelligent Systems"

model2 Energy Surface Representation

model3 storing patterns that are very similar

model4 Adaptive Filter Associative Memories

model5 Adaline & Competitive Filter Associative

model6 Why is self-organization so important

model7 Lateral Inhibition

model8 Topology-Preserving Map & single point?

model9 Learning

net10 the network will organize itself so that the weight vector fishnet stretches and twists so that it makes a reasonably good mapping

model11 Instar and Outstar

model12 Drive-Reinforcement Theory

model13 So on to self organization or as it is called "Buddha Mind" : Naropa

model14 Autonomous Learning

Science 2 neural nets

model1 Hierarchical Systems

model2 Backpropagation Networks

model3 Variations of the Generalized Delta Rule

model4 The Counterpropagation Network

model5 The Principle of Adaptive Resonance

model6 We can interpret vigilance in another way. In effect, by setting the threshold of the reset unit, we choose the coarseness

model7 Control as a byproduct of lateral inhibition

model8 Neural nets like traffic system

Science 3 Fractals

model1 Mathematical Tourist book

model2 bias: reality is created out of nothing. Chemistry

model3 Scale in fractals refers to the application of the holoprocess to the result of the previous state to produce a next state.

model4 book chapter: Beauty from Chaos

model5 New Dimensions

model6 "generators" not strictly self similar: holoprocess



Science 4 Model and CA

model Within my model using the cosmos

model2 Cellular Automata

model3 reverse of the procedure or problem presented to the brain/mind














Applications 1
Growth and development

model2 ISSUES


model4 Problems of science and religion defined

model5 fabric of consciousness is fuzzy

model6 Solutions: what "shines thru" enlightenment is the self organizing mind

model7 My global position is that the "universe" is the output - surface of creative "programs"

model8 how all models can emerge from a central source

model9 nuclear family has become a modification of "ego" to be a fusion of two egos into one

model10 In the school environment, parents were only marginally included

model11 My position is that science has no general system to guide it, and consequently cuts off its orienting BAMs. like a man lost in a forest of facts and not able to assemble what is before his face

model12 MY STORY:

model13 On becoming a Buddha