Daily thoughts:
2/27/97 6AM CST

Reframing is new integration and dimension of picturing - visualizing. Reframing with science. So what is the original "Frame"? It is basic original mind and the impact of culture. Reframing in maturing and filling in the missing pieces to being human. This extends to such areas as understanding what is evil and good in such a way that humans connect with a process or experiment and discovery such that we understand where the process went wrong and started producing poisonous results. The immature view is of a line that divides into groups that humans imagine they do not belong or share any parts. As if their human abilities are deficient. The process of separation is the same process that results in the what humans feel separated from.

Science tries to simplify until the basic process is revealed that doesn't contain an agenda or unsupported rule - law. For instance: Neural networks [The brain] output rules: many competing rules that can be applied to the same situation and consequently must compete for which rule will be used [live] and which will be discarded. These "rules" are produced by living brains and have a "life of their own" within our brain! This means they struggle to continue and are supported by all life processes. They grow, adapt, struggle to emerge "on top", produce results [fruit], and become dormant or get out of the way. Understanding this process allows us to reframe the whole process of making rules and how the results of some rules can contaminate processes for which they have no connection. It is as if humans say that since Rule X is so successful, why not use it everywhere!

In science this process is clear in the way science first developed clear understandings of mechanical processes and applied them to the cosmos and then to biology and humans. Human science "discovered" and represented DNA, and most recently brain molecules, as having a chemical structure which consequences [results of rules to show the mechanical nature of everything] are to remove our basic structure and memory - mind from being part of consciousness and being human because there is no connection between chemistry, DNA and mind - consciousness. In other words we ourselves as human beings are removed from the picture: the direct connection of our mind and consciousness is further removed and disconnected from our "Body". We now [in the 20th century and scientific age] must go thru the "priests" of science to connect to our "God", especially since there is no spirituality in this picture, only the "rule" remains that someone fixes [determines decides for us] our relationship with "reality". No scientist will admit to being the intermediary between us and "Reality", but they will be very quick to apply the rules of "science" for me: to inform me when I am not "scientific". Well just like Buddha or Martin Luther, I can decide how the discoveries of science fit together. I can clearly see that scientists have a power agenda and split consciousness that disallow any reference to spiritual traditions which also creates a situation where investigation in this area cannot be pursued.
This is as far as using "science" as an example of how neural network processes work in creating rules goes, because the "rules" of science try to avoid this outcome. Unlike what is generally and superficially called "religion", Science is open to new hypothesis and the process of validation, connection and incorporation of new viewpoints.

The newly developed intellectual tools and processes in the mathematics of complexity including neural networks, fractals, and holography allows the representation of human process that create their own individual rules as a part of a self organizing universe and do not reduce all humans to follow any superficial global mechanical generalizations.


The major unproved assumption is that consciousness and / or the brain exists to process information and store results and to create behavior or tasks / goals [what do we do next] from a context of causes or needs and responses. This information processing model assumes that the organism does not contain a direct connection to the environment and to process, such that the task becomes access of something that is already present, not as recognition, but as a laser of a certain frequency would reconstruct any hologram created with that original coherent source. This hologram does not only include "stored information" but also procedural / process information that would be called programs that perform tasks. Thus if the being needs to "feed", it doesn't first create or access a "wants to" but the arrival of a coherent source by movement in a phase space produces the situation of "feeding"! This is a desirelessness or No-mind / no-self.

3/23/97 10AM

The Tao or flow of time coherence of holographic mind is ignored in creating "thinking intellect". This process is like copying music and video pictures to create a new tape [called self] and editing the video pictures while the music is ignored: when the copying of the video is stopped to delete unwanted pictures and scenes the music is not also stopped and thus the resulting "new" video has chopped up music. As this process is repeated using the new video to produce a still newer video, the music gets chopped even further until it is unrecognizable. Then humans invent concepts [pictures] that represent the music - Tao - God that is within all the time. And this chopped up Tao is given the name "Devil" because of its incomplete nature: as if cutting up / fragmenting a dog or snake and being upset because the remaining small parts still "Work" and give us trouble like "love" and desire, especially sexual. These fragments are a problem only because they are not centered or whole! So we look elsewhere for the holly which is with us but unrecognizable!

Connection with this whole inner flow is then experienced as something new. We keep the "old" flow of culture [which is really created in the "new" human neocortex] but use the awakening to the original flow - original mind in the time realm / dimension to teach and rebuild. [that which was lost]. Here I have the words emerge: "lost sight of", but it is exactly "sight" or visual representations which lose connection with the "slower" cycles of biological clocks called time and "seasons"! It is these bio-clocks that are actually coherent sources used to construct aspects of holomind that we refer to as experiential mind or process mind in science.