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Applications of my model to social conditions.

Special emphasis on public education in schools and mass media.

The removal of the responsibility for education from the immediate family in a home environment is a great leap forward in human development. Private or public schools allow the introduction of a common shared map of [more detail] finer levels of resolution than just a family. It also allows for a more global map contrasted with home education or craft apprenticeship that was for a specific and bounded / constrained use. Home education or craft apprenticeship allowed a development of skills to finer levels of resolution at a specific location. It also was a resource for nurturing as well as competition among a few. This did not foster the "superman" model of high achievement by only a few as in the world of sports. The group and team was more important. The "ordinary" was "normal". There was less extreme, and more emphasis on the "middle way" or "moderation in all things".

In examining religions and science I introduced process models that have creativity, self organization and growth / decay as alternatives to static structures. I showed how the static structures that make up tradition in religion and metaphysics can be explained by a process of projection of real internal brain computational processes. This includes a understanding that the "social personality" is a part of a connectionist "energy surface" and as such is not the property of the individual. In Buddhist literature "No-Self" pointed to this for centuries. This is a technical way of saying that our personality is part of the group. The power in the new way of understanding is in a new comprehension of sin, guilt and other mistakes that are part of a energy process and not the fault of individuals. In understanding this we can move toward understanding how to free the personality from such anomalies or "singularities" as they are called in science. This is the goal of salvation and enlightenment as extinguishing suffering that was glimpsed in religious traditions. Modern mental health and psychology is moving away from the position of individuals at fault to seeing the system process and interactions as the origin of "problems". But they sometimes miss the role that deprivations may have had in human evolution, with the result that their goal is only adjustment within a norm of deprivation.