Music, Dance and Drama sculptures the Mind itself!

Music, Drama and visual arts are constructed with coherent sources that have the same mathematical characteristics as lasers needed to construct holograms. Many researchers have proven that the brain has and uses holographic processes. The coherent sources of music are in the time dimension as Beat and time signature as three four or two four with an alteration of heavy and weak beats. In this case there is greater flexibility than with symmetrical sources such as laser light. The time dimension is also used in Drama but what is shown is the interference pattern and seldom the original cyclical coherent pattern that is the laser in a physical hologram. Drama shows how situations act as coherent sources that reconstruct the hologram called personality which results in ones fate called comedy or tragedy. This is how one hologram can be used as a coherent source of layering other resonant holograms. The other characters are also holograms created in the mind of the main character in a spatial dimension that in music is represented by harmony and the key signature. This was called the modes or "moods", but now in western culture has been reduced to Major as happy comedy and minor as sad or tragedy.

Western music embodied in the symphony orchestra and chamber music is also a sculpture of how the mind produces culture. Because biological neural networks, especially brains, are self organizing, our basic nature cannot be taught or supervised just as the musician must learn to play their instrument before they participate in performance. So culture can take place by creating representations of the structure of neural networks and consequently mind that can be shared as if we are all inside one large virtual skull. Then the total sum of all the tasks necessary for "existence" can be divided and distributed among many individuals as is done in the symphony. Each individual produces only a fragment of the total cultural mind, but by sharing a common representation of the music they can produce a complete experience in a holographic time context! They can even go so far as to do the biological impossible task of many performing an identical task simultaneously as is done in the string sections of the orchestra.

This "Sculpture" also embodies the paradigms of culture. In church music the sound was unified choral music coming from above as if from heaven and behind as if removed from the intellectual functions of the front of the brain. The sound had a seamless quality as if unending eternity. In the scientific age music is produced by instruments separate from the "body" and each note is individually controlled by outside forces [the composer] as the new Newtonian model of a Universe of separate particles controlled by energy and collisions! The musicians are not considered able to play together but must follow and be controlled by a one true representative of the composer! The music came from in front and slightly above the Audience as if aimed at the intellect.

In our modern age the music of rock seems to emerge from everywhere [because of the extreme loudness] and from inside the body where we all share the same heart [drum] beat which is like space as energy that moves us: gravity as the shape of space and time!

Music consulting and teaching over the WWW! Impossible? I will present an understanding of the nature of music as it exists and works in the brain / Mind and the nature of beauty. Music is an external representation of the deep structure of the brain having to do with how we are conscious using interference patterns of the holomind directly, not reconstructing them into their original form for some mysterious "self" somewhere inside the mind to experience. The direct experience of the fractal structure of nature and "Art" in resonance with brain / Mind activity is what is experienced as beauty from the tree to the sunset to Mozart.

Music teaching can use MIDI and as the technology increases, live exchange worldwide! I have considered teaching Double Bass in Asia and now I can consult even with other instruments. My students have been very pleased, but because of other commitments I have not advertised before this time. People involved in non Western Classical traditions [Jazz and Rock] have found that my methods connect and utilize their background. I start with chamber music: bassists play the cello parts of Baroque or early Classical composers such as Haydn and Mozart.

Teaching and Study: how to construct "Mind"

Mind written in the time dimension as a hologram has the same scanning properties as a hologram in space: one can look at a hologram thru a magnifying glass or microscope and see different levels of resolution or "depths". In the time dimension humans can stop or slow down or speed up a process and examine each step and the connectivity structure of the process including self reference as when one learns a language with the use of their original language. Time refers to biological time and processes which in our animal mind is called emotion and sensation. "E" motion refers to the intelligence of the mid-brain which is a continuous process, not discrete fragments as language. Thus language as a representation of the codes that produce emotion in the mid-brain can be stopped, started, slowed down or replayed in any order. It can be changed or rewritten and then applied to the process. One of the best illustrations of this is learning a musical instrument, then learning the music and then playing music in a group. Only when performing the music is there a "real" flow or process that cannot be interrupted or it turns into a practice.

Why should anyone make the effort to understand holographic mind and its properties? This is the process of understanding what it is to be human and how we use our human skills and that being human allows a sharing beyond or transcending time itself!
This also allows understanding that life is a process that flows and language representations can and do interrupt that process - flow. Sometimes being with another is like playing - being a symphony not to be interrupted but to be experienced as ecstasy - rapture - bliss!

Humans use language to represent mind, but they also represent what they believe to be mind based on the logics of language! Space and time are two such "concepts" which in their logical form have no reality: space in not constructed around 3 dimensional right angles [90 degrees], but around 60 degree angles as Buckminster Fuller pointed out, and now we know that it has a fractal structure due to time processes of iteration which become coherent sources for creating holographic mind as well as "scales" or levels of resolution in " fractal space". These "assumptions" of logic, based on the physiology [construction] of our bodies and the procedures / calculations necessary to operate in space and time, distract humans from the reality of what processes are [and have been] used to generate "life" forms and biology! These arbitrary abstractions result in our ignoring [ignorance as the basis of thought] our real connections to reality in favor of concepts that are easier to handle and manipulate, and make it easier for a subject [a constructed representation of "inside"] to manipulate a "World" made up of objects [a constructed representation of "outside"]. Thus what humans mean by "time" is a fiction or illusion based on the logic of representations, not on the bio-logic of how mind is constructed!

Holomind: The viewpoint that I inherited is that some kind of holographic type of process is used to create and store memories. The possibility that mind and life processes started and continue as holograms seems to be missed, especially in understanding the structure of every cell of our body as containing a map of the whole human in the DNA. Encoded in the DNA are instructions on how to build and operate the "body" as well as how to respond to diverse situations and repel invaders. Holographic mind is part of these instructions: how to build and operate mind in response to reality of the world after birth. This is a code of processes and operations, not just of memories. Understanding it as holographic from the point of view of retrieval means that "situation" for which the code was created is embedded within the code and when that situation reappears, it reassembles or accesses the original process and operations involved in "dealing" with the situation.

[This "appears" to be or resembles stimulus / response and operand conditioning.]

These are sequential codes like the beat of a drum or the reoccurrence of the seasons or the time to sleep or eat that respond in time. The advantage of understanding this is to understand that this process has no separation between self and situation which seemingly occurs in other types of consciousness. There are boundaries and limits built into the process, but once the situation is "recognized" the entire process is "activated".

What is the structure of holographic mind? The structure of Mind is found by reversing the properties of a hologram which stores all information in each single cycle in each location. [Such duplication is not that useful and is used to generate variety and alternatives.] The mind generates all possible representations from a single structure, so it is not a hologram but a holographic process. What is useful is a single model that can generate all alternatives, a single structure that can be used to produce representations of everything at anytime. That is language! If music is about the structure of mind then language is the final "result" of holographic mind. Each word is a metamap free of specific location in time or place. So the coherence used to reconstruct is a set of phase structures. This set was first investigated as Astrological Charts, but is not the structure that "shines thru" to produce thought and representations. The hologram is only the sent of mind! A suggestion of its properties. No mind then means not being stuck in a personal mind attached to my birth / conception structure, but being BEING in the here and now to allow each moment be the pattern of being. No-mind doesn't need to use self as a filter to construct a coherent world. The wish fulfilling GEM!!

Understanding these structures provides a passage to a direct connection to human learning. Additional support is given in the areas known as cognitive psychology and NLP [Neural Linguistic Programming] as well as 12 step groups in that we cannot change our "mind" [biologic time mid brain] or addictions from the point of view of logics and shoulds founded in the language nets. From a logic point of view we know what is good and bad, but that is in the logic language stream. Humans must rewrite holo-mind from the bio-logic of cycles: one day at a time!!!!

My Teachers:
Kenneth Byler at Lawrence Conservatory in Appleton, Wisconsin: at Grand Student of O. Sevcik.
Oscar Zimmerman at Eastman School.
George Moleux at Boston University, Principle Bassist Boston Symphony and Student of Edward Nanny.
Yuen Tung, and Barton Frank Cello students of Padigorski[sic.] at Curtis Institute.
Raphael Bronstein at Boston University, who was a student of Leopold Auer and classmate of Heifitz, Milstein etc.
I also consider my dance training as part of my musical education, and my training in psychotherapies as very important in understanding pedagogue!

Musical experience: 1956 to present as symphonic double bass player. 1965 To 1970 principal bassist Grant Park Symphony & Lyric Opera of Chicago. Studied Japanese, Balinese, & Indian music and dance.

From '57 to present: as classical musician adapted violin literature with performance in recital on bass violin.

Music and other teaching: Taught and co-administrator in Chicago Community Music Foundation in culturally disadvantaged areas 1967 - 1970. Taught in Milwaukee Public schools and taught - designed courses at Milwaukee Conservatory of Music 1963 - 1964. Developed and taught Free School of Music For Jazz Musicians 1966 - 1968. Private music, Tia Chi Chuan, and dance.