Astrology designs mind

Fuzzy Logic!

 Before rational mind and discipline emerged, humans used natural biological mind structured with fuzzy logic!

Tribal hunter uses Astrological animals as designs of mind

The connection with the totem and animal ecology was the first design of mind by humans. Does putting metaphysical systems such as Astrology and Tarot card reading into scientific language point to the reality of how the layer of holomind called “personality” or “Self” was designed. Is this design only a stage of development that allowed diversity in human culture? Have humans grown out of that stage? If there is anything to Astrology, then it can be modernized to show how the cosmos has been a source of coherence for the design of holomind at all levels. What I have done is design new maps of the neocortex, the reptilian brain of organ systems studied by TCM as well as expanding traditional Astrology to include the human female. I show how pairs of planets are coherent sources for consciousness that have been pointed to in all cultures as graphic diagrams. Before 1966 I was among the debunkers of any Astrology, but then suddenly during a study session, I had an awakening to a connection between the mind and the cosmos. So from that basic premise I began to study traditional Astrology. But I soon saw that it had only a small application to the types of behavior that humans have come to label "Fate" or "Karma". This lead to my re-invention of synergetic Astrology.


Astrology designs mind


T  When proto humans moved from the 3D tree environment of the jungle to the 2D plain, the neocortex evolved to support the emerging tree logic of the extra dimension as language, and thus threads of 1D logic emerging from this extra dimension could be shared to create human culture from community that extended beyond single lifetimes. These “traditions” that emerged exterior to DNA that could be programmed, altered –refined, and developed as 1D programs that can be used as sources of coherence [or maps] for unified 2 or 3D bio-Logics, thus allowing supervision in a community space!



The neocortex “spreads” difficult tasks into a phase space in the same way that the mid brain creates solutions in a phase space spread over the reptilian brain! This process is also represented by the way the “chart of houses” is spread over the Qi chart of the cycle of a single day!

 Thus the 6 days of creation may also refer to the Qi chart and the 7th day to the houses as if the phase structure of the organ system that emerges in a single day is mapped onto a single moment as if all the resources spread out during a day one at a time become available to the neocortex at a single moment of NOW!

 For those readers that do not know “Astrology” or TCM [traditional Chinese Medicine] each organ of the organ system described in TCM have a “high function” hour within the daily cycle. The heart is strongest at noon, the large intestine at Dawn and the Stomach [8AM] and Spleen [10AM ] at a division of the time between. [and the same at other times for the other 9 organ systems]. These times are equal divisions of day and night which changes as the day lengthens and shortens during the seasons, not of our “modern equal” clock time.

 This “stable” cycle of our basic organs, where each organ in all animal species peaks at the same time for each individual, is mapped onto the moment of birth of each individual for the “charts” of the mammal brain. The organ functions are mapped onto the function of “emotion” which is a fuzzy intelligence estimator system. Emotions give us a fuzzy estimate of the success or failure of a plan or intention or of possible outcomes of multiple possible courses of action.

 This individual mapping means that no two humans will come up with the same available emotional resources at the same time. [The liver and GB. For anger / limits, the Lungs and LI for available energy, etc. See works on TCM] It is as if the entire year is mapped onto a single day, with the moment of birth deciding the orientation of the energies for the emotional brain as if that moment is the start of a day for that person. Thus the information space of the reptilian / visceral brain is spread out or enlarged from 12 hours to 360 moments.

 This same process of increase of information space is continued for the neocortex of the human brain. [research has begun to suggest that It is possible that other mammals can master language and tasks in a spread out way, but as species they never took advantage of their neocortex because there was no need like that that arose when humans left the forest and had to master a new ecological system, facing new dangers].

My work is the first to map this as the ability of humans to move their inner sources of coherence to different viewpoints of the other coherences. [Coherent sources are the generators of holomind layers, like ego – family – culture – civilization]. It is as if a single human can look at their self and others from any day of the year. Even extended multigenerational family systems established a stable single birthday so as to stabilize the viewpoint and information system for all individuals: all looking at things the same way. This was and is adapted to religious holidays: it is as if the “Christ within each of us” is born on Dec. 25th, and we look at ourselves at our year of birth, but from Christmas as our “spiritual” birthday.

 The introduction of science brought a “public domain” of viewpoints, where each truth can be looked at from all time: every day of the year. Then humans not only moved the coherent source of their individuality viewpoint, they started to move the transcendent [outer planets] viewpoints to multiple views! This has spread out the information space so much, that even electrons and atoms became enormous sources of mappings!! This is the trick of public education! Shifting viewpoints until successful!


Thus during evolution the functions of a single cell were mapped onto a multidimensional organ – tissue system, and that organ system again mapped onto family systems, and then onto cultures – civilizations. Now it is as if millions of years of physical system evolution has been mapped onto just decades of information system evolution due to the properties and abilities of the neocortex to move maps of itself and all other mappings to multiple viewpoints. We even give it a name: the scientific method. I have made suggestions here of a connection to the rest of evolution in/of holomind.


Holomind may be a recent [1 meg years] development of being human: thus animal mind is based on phase and particular environmental nitch, whereas holomind as based in the neocortex became a distributed hologram for all humans with language and cultural maps.


So animal mind also has a smaller neocortex for holomind! But it cannot or doesn’t use maps like humans!?


I call this process-consciousness mapped between melody and rhythm as two levels of holomind a dyad. This map extends in the holographic universe all the way to the quantum mechanical basis of all matter. This maps matter as the most stable subset of holomind which is always changing and transforming. Thus the next dimensions beyond the space-time dimensions of matter are connection and self-organization.

 The way in which a key signature as a single source of coherence can support multiple melodies and harmony maps how an underlying coherence [that David Bohm called the implicate order, but there are multiple coherences!] supports change and self organization.

 This self organization based on coherence is mapped as the creator God or the Buddha Mind. After the organization of single cells, dyads allowed the cells to organize as multicellular life forms, and then to form organs and the most obvious dyad: sexual reproduction. Additional dyads that had the same shape allowed the formation of family groups and cultures: and thus “mankind” [human-kind] was born [created] as in the story of Genesis “God [Dyad] created man [dyad] in his image”. The story of the creation of “woman” is also with holomind significance: “Adams rib” is a half of a complete ribcage cycle [circle] which is dividing the mankind coherence into half cycles of Yang and Yin! They already existed! Just look at the electron pairs of electron shells!


 These dyads of the organ systems, individual animals and family systems derive there coherent sources from dyads found in our local cosmos: the solar system. [this is not Astrology]. When proto-humans undertook the adventure  of leaving the forest and evolved into humans, they incorporated another dyad level of holomind that is recognized as the maps produced by language and the Arts. [left / right brain which are both equally productive. The B.S. about the right brain being merely …  comes from the above mentioned separation of consciousness]. This allowed the self referent map of individual “ego” and human thought to emerge which derived its holomind source of coherence from the “individual” objects [Stars, planets, Sun, Moon and Earth rotation] of the cosmos. And thus was born “Fate and Karma”, along with maps based on “thought events” separated from consciousness dyadic process. [as mentioned before in the model of music analyzed note by note or a picture viewed thru a movable pinhead sized hole.




The ego as a dyad of observer and attention focus, where this dyad is the earth / Sun system called the sun sign. This is a focus by a holomind level on a phase space generating a set of holominds.



The phase size of a level of resolution does not span the full coherence of its superset: thus it does not directly “know” the coherence of which it is a subset. So it creates fragmentary maps made up of phase space or lower level of resolution. Then it does not map this lower / finer level as a coherent set for still finer levels. Thus we do not see cells or molecules or atoms or even animals as conscious or self conscious because we cannot expand or reduce our level of coherence as our holomind. Yet these levels seem to be available as reported by those who have used trance as a tool of investigation. Yet we are all in a trance based on the level of resolution of coherence that generates common cultural holomind. This and all other coherences appear in pairs or dyads where one set operates within the phase space of itself, but doesn’t know its superset!

 Thus the coherent source can generate other coherences at a distance of the elements of the set of phase angles, just as holograms can be overlayered by altering the angle at which the coherent source strikes the “recording media” [which is, of course, itself: self reference] creating a new interference pattern each time. The map of this structure  emerged in the signs and houses of astrology! [finally a what for!]

So now I see how each level of resolution produces self consciousness and multiple consciousness in dyads! [almost]


Consciousness as procedure: Objects resolve into a final state that is experienced as awareness when they are "attached to" process and procedures of self other interaction and evaluation of the actions outcomes. Thus awareness could be called time dependant action - movement start states. The neural nets as a digital fractal sundial can be a metaphor for consciousness: The inner states that learn to respond to an input by projecting the result as a shadow on a surface, yet can from the same pattern project a different result at a different time, measured in discrete quanta, is the experience of consciousness. This means that the awareness of a complete environment is like the single digits displayed in response to our focus on some environment. This "response" is constructed from the learning that has previously taken place, and is constructed into the structure of the fractal sundial. Information as procedures involving the person and their environment is the sundial's inner structure and what we call the "self" is the light and the experience of the result. As the phase angle of the activating light changes, so does the resulting answer. Consciousness is the experience of this totality of possible solutions contained in the sundial as well as the particular questioning intent and "thought" response as the shadow. This metaphor relates to n.nets in this way: each layer of the digital sundial interrupts the incoming light, and passes it on to the next layer. Another and perhaps clearer metaphor is of  a hologram. The hologram is made of interference patterns in the phase space, and if these interference patterns are to be found as cycles in the time domain, then the resulting objects would be procedures. That is procedures encoded by encoding the steps by connections with a coherent cycle. The output would be reconstructed by the same coherent cycle. This would be a direct involvement of the cosmos in consciousness. This level of process would be cycle dependant, whereas human consciousness is cycle independent. Thus this may be more our emotional animal consciousness and the sundial as more a metaphor of the single pattern human shared brain consciousness. Thus the transform from an analogue to a digital sundial may refer to language. Humans becoming the light or God like may be the freedom we have in doing procedures at any time independent of cycles and "natural” motivation. This is the distributed system, as any angle is accessible by any human, and each angle produces a different orientation to "reality" as distributed work - specialties.


Tribal mind emerged from: The reptilian brain is the seat of repetition: which is coherent data in – rules out. This is where all or nothing behaviour structures began and are transformed into fuzzy logic of emotion and creative logic of neocortex. [where creative means to create a coherence out of pieces of the rest of holomind]. Thus the reptilian is the basis of Parent and the emotion of child!



Style of hunter gatherer: Gatherer is characterized as not confronted with fight or flight, just which items are most attractive and valuable. This relationship becomes reversed when the gatherer wants to be gathered and makes themselves (women) as attractive to they will be gathered! So hunter is into sympathetic and gatherer parasympathetic!


 This is a viewpoint of evolution as development of functional operational survival skills, which in turn generates the necessary biological systems. This is not a vague reworking of `mind of god thinking the world', but is based on new understanding of operational logics linked to `Joseph Effect' 1/F fractals generated by cosmic movements and interaction of earth - moon - sun - planets - galaxy and their orbital elements over evolutionary periods of time. This is a functional model. The biological physical mechanisms are developed not by accidental mutation, but by functional intention as the necessity to develop new skills to compete in a ecosystem.  The starting point is an intuitive understanding and investigation of the functional nature of consciousness and awareness. My sensual, nonverbal experience of a world out there and of a `self' that is experiencing and acting in that environment is constructed of operational procedures. Every `object' that is seen is represented by my mental `apparatus' in terms of rules and procedures of how I will act upon it, interact with it, or use it.


This includes the internal sense of `I', which is only a more complex version of the mental construction of external objects. Thus, we can only `recognize' objects which fit into our internal `map - system of the world and how it works' For instance, we have almost totally lost the fine recognition of the meaning of the odor of other humans or animals as exchange of personal information or of environmental signs and medicinal use of plants, etc by odor. The advantage of our senses evolving in this manner is that the moment of awareness is constructed from plans of action and interaction with the objects of awareness as they fit in our `scheme of things'. There is not the slightest difference between consciousness and action, yet we feel a separation between our consciousness and decision to act or not to act. The human mind - thinking apparatus consciousness of `self' is  defined within this context as a time delay mechanism: a sort of freeze frame mechanism in the motion - flow of action of the `world'. The same mechanism is a common survival strategy in animals that remain motionless in their environmental setting so as not to be noticed by predators with acute motion detection but without color vision. More on the technical mathematical nature of mind as made of procedures which are distributed like holograms and fractals and their connection with the cosmos as a generating the logical elements of those procedures later in this paper.




My approach to “Fate”

 as implied by astrology is that the human holomind has developed a freedom from fate: Astrology of freedom. People who accept or are passive can be influenced or predestined, but that is a choice. It is not just avoiding or ducking “Fate”, but creating a new chart and how new charts are created. So my classes will also include system psychology as skillful means is the path beyond “Fate”!



The animal sacrifices

 of thousands of years ago have been replaced by sacrificing our connection with our inner nature [animal nature] to train it and sublimate it. This is the paradigm of classical cerebral music which requires extensive training to do extensive "tricks" of great complexity. Thus new modern forms like "Rock, grunge and Rap" have made stronger connections with essential nature than has been made by “Classical” music. This is even more apparent with “Modern Classical”, especially 12 tone music which has abandoned a direct connection with natural coherence that includes a distaste for dissonance. Thus having no real connection requires audiences to drift to places that represent their real connections. Thus the connection of status and cerebral "in the head" experience becomes the center with CSO and other places!


Understanding: is a larger coherent source that connects many cycles of other coherent sources. This is Saturn connecting 5 cycles of Jupiter, or Neptune connecting Uranus.


The scientific  map of the universe, where the galaxy is 100,000 light years across, is really a map of the space / room in the multidimensional neocortex!

In astrology the planets are operators with each space being a different dimension! There are multiple dimensions: geocentric, heliocentric, galaxy centric and all galaxies! Plus each space has different resolutions!


Self organization can be at any single moment emerging from hunter/tribal mind! Thus cultural maps and Astrology helped organize time as supervised organization. The development evolution of supervision starts with family in basic life structures?!


So matter as a subset of mind can change just as mind changes! The time field – domain of holomind generates matter and remains connected with all time patterns. Thus matter carries spirit information and structures and responds to time in whatever way.

From Kozyrev: 6. Conclusion. Stars as cosmophysical koltsars


        Thus, any real object is metastable, and has definite form and structure only as far as it continuously exchanges energy with the environment. If sometimes this energy still does not undergo any noticeable transformation and, therefore, remains unobservable, in the bistable systems it causes processes accompanied by useful work. If systems of this sort exist among nonquantum macroscopic objects (koltsars), it can be assumed that the Sun and the stars are such objects, and that, similar to Kozyrev initially assumed, the energy they produced has no direct relation with thermonuclear synthesis processes.


I am not sure what this means, but seems in direction of my emerging thoughts.

Higher levels of consciousness coordinate and assemble many procedures or processes under one command. This is modeled by macros and programming levels from assembly to basic to visual basic, and within Word and now voice response. My direction is to see this in planet levels!

The cosmos and astrology is part of a holomind process: as a timing machine of various levels of resolution and phase angles that are “within” or “in” each other as consciousness!

If holomind is directly connected to the cosmos, as solar system and galaxy, then God or Allah or the gods of nature may be connection with black holes. They are the most powerful objects of the cosmos and have the all-engaging characteristics of “supreme beings”. This is backed up by the path of the Sun within the galaxy referred to in psychic history as the “Chariot of the Gods”! Then the lack of radiation would fit the rule of “no images”: as a description – psychic awareness. Then the lack of evolution of these black holes would be reflected in the reference to a “sacred past time” where the unchanging laws were revealed. Thus religion doesn’t allow critical reflection, only obedience!

 So the scientific revolution made the entire universe the “God” object: thus creativity and self organization and opposition are continuing properties!  Thus culture and rules have evolved in the here-and-now, not linked to an unchanging set of 10 or whatever commandments. So I require the other “Gods” to change and admit that their “original creations” like DNA evolve and change!

I am looking at the figures made by pairs of planets in our solar system as operational models of various levels of holomind. Thus conjunctions relate to the storage of data or holo-code and oppositions relate consciousness or retrieval as in looking at a hologram. This makes more scientific sense than seeing these figures only as models of fate. The opposition reverses itself within a two dimensional frame work. Thus for instance the five senses related to the 5 pointed star of Venus Earth points to a single coherence having a 5 dimensional phase space. My use of the word dimensional phase space may not be scientifically accurate.

Thus the coherence of a pair of planets models in the entire system: such as the five senses or sensory data of the reptilian brain. At present this is the clearest, jump out at you, system model. So I am moving on two proposals for the emotional and neocortex human systems. The latter maybe the Uranus Neptune pair and the emotional brain may be the Mercury Earth pair with the cultural brain of family systems being the Saturn Jupiter pair. Thus the Mercury Earth pair may relate to the division of the sexes at the lowest system level of genetics. It is so indicated in traditional Chinese medicine. The coherence used for genetic evolution maybe the Suns orbit around the galaxy: In methodology this orbit was referred to as the chariot of the God. Thus with the evolution of the human neocortex over the last million years evolution may have moved from the slow animal time of the sun's orbit to the openness of social systems and language within the neocortex.


The planet pairs act as if the slower planet is the coherence and the faster is the code writer: they have 2 cycle parts: conjunction as writing and opposition as reading – consciousness. These stable pairs repeat their cycles in nearly the same place with small drift.  So what are the pairs of Mars and the between of Saturn – Uranus? Are they unstable and chaotic?



Thus, within the coherent patternings of planetary pairs, the number of holographic images may be determined by the number of conjunctions-oppositions within a complete cycle. The level of resolution may be determined by various ratios of mappings on two principle orbits, such as the earth's orbit.


“the vicinity of a bifurcation point” is a bifurcation point a conjunction of planet pairs?


Two beams or coherent sources can reference each other: is this the 2 planet pattern process?









The 12 holoangles may be “operated” by a single one as master or center or highest [Leo] phase as is suggested by the 10th or 1st house. Or the overlayered [superset] may operate all of them with each being self-organizing!?

 The subset levels provide the same input to all holoangles [levels?] which self organize from a different orientation of the coherence. Thus the 10th house coherence reaches its high point at the 1st house!? [and so on 1st high at 4th, 4th at 7th, and 7th at 10th] so the decision - focus of marriage is business? And so on! Focus of accomplishment is self esteem / worth, focus of self is family and its operation – success!


From the center [Sun] position, the coherent order is 3 as trinity, 7 as sacred, 12 as organs etc., 22 as [Mars] Tarot, 144 next dimension or dyad, 360 as degrees – circle[?],  Uranus as 1000 petal lotus and Neptune as neocortex at 2000 petals[?]. This is also 2^11 as I Ching level beyond crown chakra. It may be theory and ultimate mapping! Pluto is a moon.



>The point is that each moment of awareness is constructed of a set of ready to go procedures completely available for employment. Humans feel they must decide or think of action, but this is a secondary process analogues to changing the phase angle of the input light on the metaphorical sundial. As I will explain later, thinking is also a perception process, and not independent of total life systems as often modeled by those who see humans as some independently superior creature "above" the animals. The awareness of our surrounding space has pre-calculated components that we "take for granted", namely: front / back, left / right, and up / down. Our consciousness then "locates" objects in terms of these dimensions. This process of location is called a zero dimension cognitive process. Connecting or defining a single weighted relationship between one or more one objects and one or more separate other object is a one dimension cognitive process. Defining connections between sets of one dimensional relationships is a two dimension cognitive process which produces a surface with attractive basins and repulsion highs. Defining a geometry to these two dimensional surfaces is a three dimensional process. An example would be the mobiuse strip relationship between what is seen as our male and female side. Our cognitive processes are pre-calculated within the same congruent dimensions in the visual and/or social spaces. Since these "spaces" are "there" we accept them as reality even though they may have predefined attractive basins built in as preferences and so called heredity. In social spaces mapped from a global frame of reference:  1. the front is the sign and the back the constellation. 2. The sides are the male / female gender persona "charts". 3. The moons and planetary nodes are the up / down - higher / lower rankings. They relate to the chakras or environmental quality levels when combined with the dimensions of the planets.  a. zero to .5 dimension is to keep or control the "place" or location or label. Autocratic. Sun/moon. Touch and smell? b. One dimension is to control the ranking relationship of better / worse. Peer group? Mars. hearing? c. Two dimension is to control the interactions and procedures - data communication flow. competition? Family structures? Jupiter. "reptilian - predator" vision? d. Three dimension is to control the participation? resonance? Social and cultural structures. Saturn. Depth vision? e. four dimension is to control the global points or geometry / framework resulting in control of the forces / intensities / peace - stress? Religious structures? Rotations, stretch etc of coordinate surfaces? f. Four or five dimension is to control the emergence organic structure? Evolution? spiritual?   historical? Change of structures? Neptune. Attractor patterns / full dimensional catastrophe structure?



III. Holographic mind which needs invariant point for coding and decoding as earth and planets,   self reference as reptilian brain structure,


 Planets also as decoding - associating - procedure functions, as language and reasoning in neocortex.    [ for example: Sun sign as Large intestine energy - arousal ( ass hole to anal in reptilian brain), Sun constellation as will in old mammal brain, at center of sun viewing pattern of planets, including earth, as Mind - thought that changes depending on placement of self and other and real here and now earth in pattern in neocortex.  ] 

“No” for the old brain is like “change direction” which can include “stop”. This is the result of the “Huh” that I give the dog peanut!

Thus the sound is a signal to reorganize or create a new self organization. The reinforcement of reward can allow the animal [in us also] to repeat the new self organization, which is mistaken for “learning”!

Resonance: cards have the same sequence in resonant suites as the 4 elements / directions. The suites are resonant by color as 2X2. These 4s and 2s are from the cross as the most global understanding? Thus the cross is for the overmind of the neocortex and the Star of David is the next level of 12 that is resonated. The 12 resonates to 10 as Venus and organizes it. The 5 is a normal runaway feedback balanced by the 10. June has presented a perfect example of runaway feedback where she wants to do more and more in the garden until it is perfect coherence!



Understanding: is a larger coherent source that connects many cycles of other coherent sources. This is Saturn connecting 5 cycles of Jupiter, or Neptune connecting Uranus.


How are the phase angles gathered and arranged in self-consciousness? Is it more arranged by a larger wave or  smaller waves interacting with the phase angles of larger cycles? Thus Mars in each cycle picks out one of 6 Jupiter and 1 of 15 Saturn phase angles, and the earth is the awareness[?].


Is the disconnection of Mars related to language: Mars is free of major cycle interaction and can be the first dimension of connection and signal?


Are the moon’s nodes the coherent source for self organizing DNA in survival mode? Build a better organism that can rise to the top: occupy a single place in the ecology. Thus the sun came to move to a center of the whole cosmos based on real positions and momenta, not on labels. Yet labels as maps became important. Thus the moons position as a real body was important, not its shinning phase reflecting the sun, which became the illusion! Thus werewolf speaks of the demon of illusion and unimportant seeming-coherence like the phases!!!!!?!


I expect that understanding these charts is a dialogue and even a group process. This focus comes from the scientific method involving submitting new ideas – theories and information to the public domain. Some of the charts were fits for the Jungian 4 types, acupuncture daily cycles and TCM planet meanings connected with the 5 elements as well as bioenergetic cycles of 23 – 28 – 33 days for physical – emotional – and mental structures.


I'm using the models of mind that preceded the scientific revolution or the discovery of a holographic process because they are not tainted by assumptions but rose directly from mind itself. Thus we can use the holographic model to understand and make sense out of these earlier models such as music and language in its written form. After the models emerged in consciousness paradigms that did not apply were used to explain these models. Such as the use of religion. Even in the scientific age the holographic paradigm was mostly restricted to non local events in the universe: as a model of omniscience and omnipresence. I am now moving ahead to use the phase structure and phase code as a model of the dimensions of reality and the immense diversity in biology. Thus the holographic paradigm has been used mostly to model information theory and not as a model of process and procedure. It is like modeling the picture, television set instead of the tubes or chips and electronic circuits that operates the set. Again this points to the difficulty of seeing or modeling the highest level of an operating system. We are looking for information rather than cellular automata structures. My discussion points especially to Turing machines. This is especially true since Turing machines and model levels of resolution and the use of the cosmos to model the executive level of holomind. I recognize that the I Ching is a model in multiple dimensional space of phase space, different levels of resolution and  of CA including fuzzy states.


Levels of resolution in holomind has emerged in the divisions of time: 2 parts of a day [AM & PM] as mars, 12 hours per as Jupiter, 60 Minuets as Jupiter Saturn pair with Jupiter writing, 60 Seconds as Jupiter Saturn pair with Saturn writing. This is the Known set. 365 days as approximate degrees in a circle with 30 days per month and 12 months as Saturn and Jupiter. Other resolutions might refer to the outer pair Uranus and Neptune. Could be 90 degree right angle as pointing to heaven and 180 degree flat horizon as earth or water of firmament!

Coherent sources emerge from the sun’s movement as covering an entire species, with different phases for general species groups” reptile, mammal before 15 meg years. The specifics of race and culture emerged from planet vectors – phases which allowed interdependence - Love. Thus various angles of the same coherent source write the DNA within the Galaxie so they can be read.

Giving chart readings revised: I will not tell others who or what they are, but be a consultant to help them in self realization. I can introduce and explain / educate others with the topics of traditional astrology and the accumulated meanings as presented by astrology and then let their self organizing mind reveal where or how these topics became real. For this I can use the tools of psychology: exercises and structures in TA, NLP, with Bradshaw and cognitive psychology of personal constructs and many more! This is their own analysis of scripts, games, APC structure, assertiveness and much more. I can also do this over the web!


Levels of resolution in social situation problems: Mars-Earth set up many coherent sources to store OK-Not OK situations. They can only be solved by moving to a more connected social canvas: like Mars-Jupiter? Or??









  The processes which can be used in construction of skills are called primitives, since they are the fundamental logic blocks used to construct skills. The primary cosmic blocks are derived from the ratios of planetary orbits: 1/12- moon, 1/4 - mercury , 1/2 - venus, unity - sun \ earth, 2 -mars, 6 - astroides, 12 jupiter, 29 - saturn, 84 - uranus, 164 - neptune, 256 - pluto. As presented , tries, spaces, elements \ objects which occupy these spaces, and (now) angles are primitives so far detailed. Angles can be of primitive set: left \ right - mars, 12 houses as Jupiter, 30 degrees -saturn, 90degrees as Uranus +- 6 (asteroids). These primitives refer to a definition of a general system by using levels of resolution.  These automata require starting points and end points. Thus, every object of consciousness as a skill requires a goal, or final state. If doors were seen as only rectangular shapes, we could never exit. Start states are needed:home, from, begin, etc. If there was no left or right from a start state then all goals of processes would be straight ahead.  Angles also refer to access of holographic processes as start states. Metaphor of computer disk directories which are accessed by name, as houses of a chart are accessed by angle, as overlays on a hologram are accessed by the same angle which laid them down. (LATER - common whole number angles are first \ easiest access , thus interior of house is less accessible, ergo weaker. Number of degrees from cusp may refer to access time!!!!!!!)



What has happened with culture is that I feel I do not belong to any culture, but am an outsider, even though modern culture is almost a do it yourself connection instead of a cloning experience!



Many belief systems have a

Is the sacred also a connection to heliocentric real positions and/or conception.

 I see the transits as connecting with conception. In animals maybe there is no rising sign and no direct connection to a birth chart except thru the Qi chart. Humans evolved the personality as a new level of self consciousness. So the rising chart is part of this new “understanding” for self respect, and 12 total areas of self consciousness that have differing qualities.



.  The reptilian brain is the seat of repetition: which is coherent data in – rules out. This is where all or nothing behaviour structures began and are transformed into fuzzy logic of emotion and creative logic of neocortex. [where creative means to create a coherence out of pieces of the rest of holomind]. Thus the reptilian is the basis of Parent and the emotion of child!




All those new charts.

Before my enlightenment my main interests were symphonic music and math. So up to 8 years later I had typical scientific ridicule for Astrology, so it was again an unexpected moment of enlightenment which pointed me to understand that the cosmos and life on earth are intertwined; “if the planets had different orbits or were different sizes, life would have evolved differently!”. If Jupiter and Saturn were a single entity this solar system would have been binary: Jupiter is that close to being a second Sun! No wonder it became the primary cosmic operator in TCM and Chinese culture!



Jupiter is image and judgment: grades and groupings. Good enough by mars! Is image controlled by self or others?

 Saturn is skills and work! Achievement! Level of resolution beyond image. Mars is voice and language? So mercury – mars nodal conjunction shifts to mercury in female psyche of “earth”! Is Uranus then group skills?


News flash! The progressed chart and regressed chart to days when Venus or Mercury make Opp. Conjs. May be very big years in a persons life! Check it out!


Saturn is at the limit of direct perception: thus this level of resolution is used to define structures and put limits on knowing. These limits require humans to ignore undefined parts and to much detail [at higher levels of resolution] as not fitting into society and operational process.

Are the 30 and 150 degree aspects relating to non-recognition or no action? Can this result in longing or disappointment or depression? They may not be “charted” as meaningful or important enough to “predict”!


Introducing a new representation of

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

 This web site is still under construction as is my main web page.

Here are some relevant old pages from 1996 on. Still works in progress:

Science resources pages 0: Holograms and summary

Page1 Resource 1 Neural Nets

Page2 Resource 2 More Neural nets

Page3 Resource 3 Fractals

Page4 Resource 4 cosmos connection with life: Cellular automata processes and general systems of levels of resolution procedures to [function] produce what we experience as consciousness of inner and outer realities as mind.

Page1 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

Page2 Spiritual No Blame

Page3 Spiritual Buddhist and other religion

Page4 Spiritual science as spiritual

Page5 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

Page1 Personal Biography

Page2 Personal Poetry

Page3 Personal Music

Page4 Personal Dance

Page Outline of old files

Page Synopsis

Page Daily uploads

Page Resource Cultural applications

Page Resource Applications

Page Resource spirit fragment unfinished page

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