So family used to do what peers and social group now does: Designs our mind for us!

We want to "fit in": what is that "fit in" but coherence used to design social mind of civilization and culture!

This is being responsible and connected to others, even though that is biologically impossible! So we use the joy and pain of our mammal brain to become attached to survival based on "job", "fun", and belonging! 

Design with “Whatever”!


The use of make-up and other altering process is spiritual: it is creative moving away from DNA!

The ego can be seen as a process of self consciousness that uses a starting point [like a sign] to arrange coherence in One Mindedness. Like using cards in solitaire other than ace for start.

Later! [not now?]

New and improved: my representations are within the “materialist – industrialist” paradigm. It also is completeable with religion and other cultural positions!  My work brings things together and make them “work” better: to improve and reveal the meaning!


Cool [as in peaceful ]

“Newness” as paradigm along with “fit-in”!


TV is “easy and simple”!

18.12 Reduction and simplicity vs. Suchness as complexity. Distraction of mind by desire - need for novelty and stimulation. Focus and abstraction by reduction of stimulation.

  Only Me: Music as mind is so loud that it is alone and dance is not touching.

Materialist position regarding self and consciousness is that we are the sum of our information. My position is that we are information generators and if we are found in other conditions we would produce different information.

Culture as personal source of coherence replacing inner areas of self organization: culture against nature. Cloning personalities. 

  Details of 1-9. Class like iterated system. Self organization and self similar systems emerging from Power set of 2 and 3. Ground and excited states.


 The reptilian brain is the seat of repetition: which is coherent data in – rules out. This is where all or nothing behaviour structures began and are transformed into fuzzy logic of emotion and creative logic of neocortex. [where creative means to create a coherence out of pieces of the rest of holomind]. Thus the reptilian is the basis of Parent and the emotion of child!

Suffering is accumulated by ignoring hurts and not being able to resolve or knowing how to resolve. So we use sugar to function in spite of pain and to ignore pain. The solution is non-attachment and peace! Another kind of sugar is an activity that is already coherent –won –lined up: like [for me] solitaire or music, but not writing.

  Reviewing my thoughts about early conceptual formulations like “instinct”: they have nowhere to fit within bigger coherent structures yet to be put in line [lined up], so they continue the same disorganization. As fragments of organization, they become attractors which increase the “gap”!

What if “instinct” as coherent immediate recognition of workable procedure is consciousness as intelligence and what is called intelligence is the instinct to create coherence [put things in order] where disorder is seen as a “problem”. This is also studied as “evolution” thru the mechanism of “survival of the fittest [most lined up coherence]”.


Parent/Adult/Child puts reptilian brain in  dimension and context:

Is the school violence part of a change in cultural programming instead of single self organization?

The result of our consciousness composite Calculations Solutions is I'm OK or not and Your OK or Not. If Ok then nothing is presented as solution, but if any Not, then some correction as alignment is urged as feeling or motivation. This continues until balance is obtained, and the feeling that there is unfinished - ignored solutions is anxiety and/or panic.


  Plugging in basic structures like Hebrew alphabet, astrology, chakras etc.

Time as fractal having iteration and self similarity. Iterated structures and functions. Neural nets generated by fractals?

Levels of resolution applies to data maps with planets and scanning speeds [access]

   The 2 dimensional slices of a three space are a fractal subset of the 3 space. Any 2 slice is controlled by the global points of the slice as an energy surface. This slice is created as the fuzzy placement of the power subset. This means that the set of five emotions in its power set of 32 expanded to 78 tarot can represent all the personalities possible in the human species, just as there can be an infinite number of 11/8 sheets of paper on a room sized slice.

  The fractal algorithm that controls the phase angles of the pendulum and its fuzzy movements in a orthogonal direction are also defined by the power set of 2 and subsets of the subsets as fractals defined on fractals. Thus I have described the evolution of personalities coming from the power set of 2 to the five. 2 up6 is then the situationality of the higher dimensional person. Another property of self organizing neural nets is that given identical inputs and outputs, different nets organize the solution path differently: they are chaotically structured, no model of their behaviour is "correct" or standard. This has been traditionally stated as "there are as many different ways to truth as there are individuals" Thus the study of knowledge [epistemology] in and by humans that finds the "one right way" for the [global] organization of social, religious especially monotheistic, political, or learning institutions is not based on the biology of the human or any other species. In my model, such efforts are attempts by some individuals to isolate the "One Mind" from its ability to self organize and substitute centralized self control and bivalent "rationality". Since this is impossible all that results is the creation of phase filters that arbitrarily  select individuals as competitively more suitable and assign greater value to some individuals among identical biological functioning individuals due to their developmental similarity to the "standard model" which may have been developed in religious context or as emperors or other "hero models". There many metaphors for the "One Mind", one of which is "holographic mind", which can clarify many of the brains properties: functions are distributed, they can be layered by phase angle and frequency, they need a "coherent source" for creating the original structures, and output functions of different sizes produce identical information of the whole at different levels of fuzziness of resolution. In neural nets, two principle structures contribute to the understanding of the kinds of models humans make of their world. They are bi-directional resonance between the "layers", and lateral competition within layers for which "function" will "win" and thus be allowed to learn. The winner then inhibits other functions that are "distant" and reinforces those that are "close". In the first case I can group such behaviours as tradition, worship, trust, love, harmony, synthesis, creation, construction, and cooperation. In the second case I see competition, ethic cleansing, analysis, destruction, oppositional bonding, rebellion, and control. The question is if human models of reality are more a result of the brains function or of the reality "out there". The Buddhists clearly stated that the former is the case, whereas early science embodied this projection in its rules designed to avoid subjectivism and religious dogma, especially in the light that an ethnic group as was formed by scientists produce a connected surface that acts as if it was one subjective individual. Thus "proof" as the test of subjectivism became a filter that eliminated complex fuzzy systems where each "individual" self organized and acted from their unique "model" of reality. Another structure of n.nets is by brain systems: sensation and levels of activation and awareness - alertness as emerging from the base of the brain as often referred to as reptilian. Emotion as emerging from the social- mammal mid brain structures, and higher brain structures of the neocortex. I model each of these structures as having different logics, or in the archaic language of Astrology, different charts. Yet these charts supply an excellent metaphor: the reptilian brain belongs to the circadian rhythm of the acupuncture meridians, the mammal brain maps this energy of a whole day and night cycle onto two specific moments: of birth and its symmetric opposite as a map of the personality and its gender opposite as belonging to the cultural neural net energy surface and not to an individual. Finally the "One Mind" of the neocortex language center is mapped by the more global heliocentric structure that can be changed by contact and sharing with other humans. The first two structures have a fixed program that is unique to each individual, and the heliocentric is changed by cohesion, influence, learning, parenting and other cultural functions, but from the center is stable in the "real" structure from which all the other structures are shadows or illusion. From this center emerges the one of human's most respected abilities: empathy as the ability to know another person or situation as if from inside. With the understanding that language evolved as permutations within this heliocentric structure, "One Mind" and empathy logically emerge. This "One Mind" can generate many patterns of which prior evolution "assigned" each different pattern to a different species, with the complementary set being their "environment". Thus each individual contains structural information that links them to their whole ecological system: living systems are not isolated accidents whose only cognitive processes are about individual survival values.

  At the root of self originating Mind is a connection with the whole evolutional history of our biosphere and with all life and processes including physical cycles. The push toward diversity of species that is implied in the use of the term "self originating" does not imply a disconnection or isolation from a whole, but a process of co evolution: all species developing together from a single source and containing this single changing source that is the "cosmos". Greater diversity, far from being a disconnecting event, and only happen in a environment of greater interdependence. My readings indicate that many others who had similar enlightenment experiences report a new consciousness of the connectedness of all life and beyond. My scientific cultural training Citra 1958, which points to an evolution by random processes, disconnected from other life and lifeless matter, seemed to totally contradict these experiences. This contradiction still exists as the psychiatric frame of reference which labels this as merely a grandiose feeling – remembrance of the "real womb". If I had my experience in 1980, I might have studied general systems theory of self originating evolutional and information systems, But the available writings at that time were the "mystical" works of Ospensky, Tibetan Buddhism, and Judaic Kabala. In 1967 I started to study the system of connections traditionally labeled "Astrology", but not as a passive system of "influences", but as an active process of development where the physical cycles are incorporated and used by life processes as information indexes by which to build time binding structures. In this book I am ignoring the obvious scientific objection to even the possibility of any global - cosmic awareness abilities in cells or cellular structures, and am focusing on the paradigms implied in any cultures Astrology, Religion, and parapsychology. First: Human consciousness is a mapping of the entire ecosystem onto one collective human psychic life as the Zodiac of animals, insects, and plants. This implies that human personality is fragmented and interconnected. Second: Each species contains a complete map of the entire ecosystem, split into self and other, that coevolves from a single source simultaneously in all species. This touches on the religious ideas of gods and spirit present in all cultures. My system models human phenomena such as language, learning, psychology, sociology, religion, Mind, and a beginning of a physical - medical model connected by acupuncture daily cycles.

  Is smoking used to access Yin oppositional thinking?

  Is the sacred also a connection to heliocentric real positions and/or conception. I see the transits as connecting with conception. In animals maybe there is no rising sign and no direct connection to a birth chart except thru the Qi chart. Humans evolved the personality as a new level of self consciousness. So the rising chart is part of this new “understanding” for self respect, and 12 total areas of self consciousness that have differing qualities.

  Does holographic mind save actions and their consequences so they can be undone?

  I am in total agreement with you on interaction with politics, religion and society. Yes, I understand social self organization is the only "force" of change. So my focus is how to bring to the attention of others a focus on which problems have been solved so they can move on or open up to emergence. [something like that]. Yes, hitting my head against walls is a reason I didn't focus on politic after 1961. Now I see these walls as sources of coherence that are deemed necessary for the stability of "establishments" [not THE establishment] that allow rational thought process to take place. This allows "authorities" or leaders of these establishments to ignore data that is not a fit with their established coherent model. To be lined up with or fit in with is the operational definition of coherence from which what I call cultural "holomind" emerges.

Categorization is the storage of code with a coherent source in a phase space. Consciousness is looking at Data-in thru the coherence of Self/World [self = Yang, world = Yin of a single wave structure]. Reading cards is reading the holo-code of coherent place stacks just like understanding which note in a melody belongs “where” in the key signature, where key is the coherent source as the underlying consciousness.

  The culture map is like the species shared map [DNA?] that resonates as reported by biologist Sheldrake! Thus process and procedures can be shared over space as if the species is One Mind! Humans have gone beyond species maps to culture maps. These may be based on coherent sources of the cosmos. The resonance then is one humanity! The holomind at all levels is not like the hologram in needing the coherent source to break into two streams and recombine because the coherent source is present at all points! Thus the culture map is the coherent source that allows mind to be built by accepting input and creating  code by immediate recombination of the phase code input with coherence already present. Then self-awareness is the same code combining with a higher level coherence!


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