Introducing a new representation of

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

Social personality systems as organized by cross bar and other interconnecting logic produce. False energy wells which and be + or - and cancel out other places a deeper then or create false attractors.  This correlates with moral systems which advocate that errors naturally exist (shame guilt,  sin - etc.).  This also has a strong correlation with aspect theory - Where trine conj & sextile. are deepening & sq. op. conj. are cancelings. Also orthogonal patterns are easiest to associate - trine sextile & 90 as bad association.) and close sets are difficult to recognise - i.e. The truth is usually under ones nose or selling water by the river or realization of the importance of the obvious.  Thus school and other systems go for the orthogonal producing 1/3 errors sq. = aversion. and 2/3 sticky too deep or adherence amplified as over connected  without shame and confusion. produce op. 90 150, 180 & 30  

  At the root of self originating Mind is a connection with the whole evolutional history of our biosphere and with all life and processes including physical cycles. The push toward diversity of species that is implied in the use of the term "self originating" does not imply a disconnection or isolation from a whole, but a process of co evolution: all species developing together from a single source and containing this single changing source that is the "cosmos". Greater diversity, far from being a disconnecting event, and only happen in a environment of greater interdependence. My readings indicate that many others who had similar enlightenment experiences report a new consciousness of the connectedness of all life and beyond. My scientific cultural training Citra 1958, which points to an evolution by random processes, disconnected from other life and lifeless matter, seemed to totally contradict these experiences. This contradiction still exists as the psychiatric frame of reference which labels this as merely a grandiose feeling – remembrance of the "real womb". If I had my experience in 1980, I might have studied general systems theory of self originating evolutional and information systems, But the available writings at that time were the "mystical" works of Ospensky, Tibetan Buddhism, and Judaic Kabala. In 1967 I started to study the system of connections traditionally labeled "Astrology", but not as a passive system of "influences", but as an active process of development where the physical cycles are incorporated and used by life processes as information indexes by which to build time binding structures. In this book I am ignoring the obvious scientific objection to even the possibility of any global - cosmic awareness abilities in cells or cellular structures, and am focusing on the paradigms implied in any cultures Astrology, Religion, and parapsychology. First: Human consciousness is a mapping of the entire ecosystem onto one collective human psychic life as the Zodiac of animals, insects, and plants. This implies that human personality is fragmented and interconnected. Second: Each species contains a complete map of the entire ecosystem, split into self and other, that coevolves from a single source simultaneously in all species. This touches on the religious ideas of gods and spirit present in all cultures. My system models human phenomena such as language, learning, psychology, sociology, religion, Mind, and a beginning of a physical - medical model connected by acupuncture daily cycles.

  What is direct without name dropping like “fractals”. As someone said, don’t look or appear smarter/above. That is not the point and leads to nodes: above/below. The situation is that the “answers” are simple but cannot be “seen” because our jour98a # 298    3 mind is holographic and uses the code of culture to “see” – understand – “put two and two together”, because “two” is spelled different than the code accepts. The steps to opening to “seeing” are 1. Lose your mind/self. 2. Stay away from reconstruction systems like truth/religion/science. 3. Let your original – non-language mind point the way or rebuild. 4. When this happens you begin to see what is in front of your eyes but invisible. What is seen/invisible are the connections: what is the connection of key/time signature in music and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of the structure of words and grammars and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of the cosmos and the structure of holographic mind. What is the jour98a # 299    4 connection of agriculture/hunter and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of sharing the structure of holographic mind and the impossibility of culture due to the biology of neural networks being self organizing. What is the connection of consciousness and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of Neural networks and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of descriptions of “God” and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of Qi and the structure of holographic mind. What is the connection of the I Ching and the structure of holographic mind.

  what is Ego? The start code or vector for the “Master” coherent source we use to construct out world map. It is normally secure unless we get-into egolessness meditation. Psychics can do this somewhat naturally, but can, of course, only speak it thru their mind and how much it is written on their source. Thus I can access others “self-mind” if I let my ego source go. Isn’t this what I am asking Evan to do, and what I do in musician community?

  Emergence: while playing solitaire I see that the mind process is to look at many stacks as if they are harmonies or planet relationships at different places / locations. These stacks are in the visual domain where everything is presented at once and the next “step” is in the time domain of a sequence of moves that results in a subset solution resulting in a move towards coherence / completion. Only after a sequence of moves involving many, but not all, stacks does the next move emerge. Thus the mind only works with a few / limited number of connections as steps before it goes on to the next set. This is modeled by melody and counterpoint over a measure based on the previous segment that produce expectations of the next segment. When the obvious prediction is produced then the music does not move as if the card stacks were moved in a repetition cycle that ends where it began. When some surprise is introduced in the music, it has moved to a new step or in the solitaire model, a new step with greater coherence has emerged: a solution. This process in human cultural thought produces a new sequence that produces a step closer to coherence, which in science produces a law or theory that results in greater understanding of reality. The stacks of the planets are constantly changing so that new “problems” present themselves. Yet humans can use the solutions in a free way at any time, which is a characteristic of the neocortex. Mass production is such a solution as is civil governments that solved the problem of ruler-ship by autocratic Kings that represent the single “self”. This democracy models the holographic mind and competitive self organization within [and between?] neural net layers.

  Is Tantra NLP using sex to reprogram?

Enlightenment also refers to fearlessness if fear is a social relationship to shame and fear of loss of “face”, since I lost more than face when I lost the old personality: self! Thus I became a pioneer ready to tackle what others call difficult or impossible to understand.

  Know your mind like a mother knows her child!



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