Design of   Being Human and Mind is based on the same process that creates holograms!



See Demonstration of  holographic process

The first holograms used coherent light produced by lasers.

Coherence is represented by 4 photons on the left: the phases of the waves are all lined up as if clocks were all set to the same start time.

                Incoherence is represented by 4 photons on the right: the phases of the waves are NOT lined up as if clocks were set to different start times.








Reflected Light from an object.

After the Coherent light illuminates an object, the resulting reflection becomes incoherent, but indexed by the original coherent source. The next step of this process is to recombine this reflected light that now contains information about a single point of the object with the original source of coherence and capture the resulting interference pattern on film. Thus a part of the coherent source is used as a canvas to store the picture.

 Unlike our eyes or a camera, this process does not focus the light returning from a single point of the object to a single point on the canvas. The light from each single point spreads out to connect with each point of the canvas: thus each portion of the hologram contains the whole picture. If a holographic film is cut into small portions, you would view the same complete scene when the coherent source illuminates any portion. The smaller portions would become fuzzy due to loss of detail.

 But not in a way that can be observed as we do a photo or looking with our eyes. The original coherent source must be shined thru the holographic film at the original angle to reconstruct the picture of the object. Thus by changing the angle that the source hits the film, more than one picture can be recorded on a single film. Also as the viewer changes their viewing angle, the objects of the picture change their positions relative to each other in the same way as moving within a real-life scene. GIF.

 When this process is biological it is experienced as consciousness or memory. Thus holographic mind [holomind] can have many viewpoints and many levels of resolution from very broad inclusive general [complete], but fuzzy pictures, to pictures with many levels of detail. Thus each broad picture that forgets the details would emerge from a restricted single viewpoint!!

Holomind is written and indexed by Phase Codes.

 The phase is changed by the contours of the image: closer parts advance the phase and farther parts retard the phase. It is within the time dimension, so clocks can be a model. It is as if the coherent light is millions of clocks all set to the same time. The clocks that reflect off the object move ahead or behind according to the part of the image they reflect. Clocks are but one example of "alphabets" used to index information just as coherent light of the same source is needed to reconstruct the hologram. Language is an obvious example, but music also contains coherent sources called the time and key signature that index which pitches and timings to use. When we use language to connect with and thus reflect the deep source of coherent sound where the structure of meaning is stored as holomind itself, we experience the beauty of poetry!  This beauty is then an actual reflection of how holomind operates: of what it is to be human.

 Each clock then spreads out into many clocks that all carry/reflect the same time/phase information in all directions and some go back to combine with the original source to make the hologram. thus each point on the hologram receives information reflected from each point on the image:

That is why each point of the hologram contains the whole image.

But one could not get enough strength of information from a single photon to see the image: thus the larger the region used for viewing, the more resolution or detail can be seen!

Thus the level of resolution changes in proportion to the size of the part of the hologram used to reconstruct [remember] the image.

In biological systems using the holographic construction process to construct holoMind, their are different levels of resolution that reconstruct the same "remembered" and present "here-and -now" experiences. Also each part of the biological holomind will receive the same start information, but will self organize in different ways and at different levels of resolution. These levels of resolution result in such diverse actions as danger response, bonding social response, thinking response and withdrawal - hiding.

Music as a model of holomind uses beats and scale-key as coherence and rhythm / melody as mindcode!


What is Coherence?


 The Taoist map of coherence includes the Yang and Yin in an intertwined pattern that is a wave form as well as a fractal structure of opposites contained within each other. They are like a circle dance of men and women holding hands. These figures map the coherence sources necessary to construct holomind like a laser is needed to construct a physical hologram. Consciousness is represented by the interlocking or stacking of holomind embedded within holomind [to the right] and holomind emerging from and encompassing holomind in larger inclusive maps [to the left]. Our personal Mind becomes real when we select a coherent source. Prior to this modern age humans selected sources near the left or right ends of this metaphor representation. Now humans are selecting sources that include the entire process here illustrated. [Send me your responses to what this image invoked for you and you will participate in building Mind that is as inclusive as personal contact was.

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