How a hologram constructs itself






                                   First: Coherent light is divided and half moves to illuminate the object.

                  Second: each photon of light reflected from the object changes its phase structure according to the part of the object  that reflected it.

                         Third: the reflected light combines with the original coherent source to make the hologram, which is then captured on film.

Each portion of the hologram contains the whole picture. The phase is changed by the contours of the image: closer parts advance the phase and farther parts retard the phase. It is within the time dimension, so clocks can be a model. It is as if the coherent light is millions of clocks all set to the same time. The clocks that reflect off the object move ahead or behind according to the part of the image they reflect. Each clock then spreads out into many clocks that all carry/reflect the same time/phase information in all directions and some go back to combine with the original source to make the hologram. thus each point on the hologram receives information reflected from each point on the image:

That is why each point of the hologram contains the whole image.

But one could not get enough strength of information from a single photon to see the image: thus the larger the region used for viewing, the more resolution or detail can be seen!

Thus the level of resolution changes in proportion to the size of the part of the hologram used to reconstruct [remember] the image.

In biological systems using the holographic construction process to construct holoMind, their are different levels of resolution that reconstruct the same "remembered" and present "here-and -now" experiences. Also each part of the biological holomind will receive the same start information, but will self organize in different ways and at different levels of resolution. These levels of resolution result in such diverse actions as danger response, bonding social response, thinking response and withdrawal - hiding.

Music as a model of holomind uses beats and scale-key as coherence and rhythm / melody as mindcode!

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