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 What is HoloMind: designs of Mind
HoloMind requires Coherence!
Phase-space: Holomind as fractals!
HoloMusic and many Cultural maps require Coherence!
Peace: Knowing thru the simple & doing thru the easy is contained in holoscience!

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overview summary

How holomind works!

  New maps of Being Human: Consciousness (Mind) at all levels of Reality

NEW is a property of self organizing holomind, thus not just a description of my writings. Improvisation is built into Mind/Matter!

All levels of consciousness include matter as a part of mind! Holomind means that all creative processes are present at all levels and locations: this means that self organization emerges everywhere / everywhen embedded within each different level of consciousness. Thus the structure of a particular level is not violated even though it can become organized differently than at other locations. This includes the structures that are time-stable organizations called Matter which can retain their structure.

Thus “NEW” is built into consciousness at different places within the same being!

My “NEW” includes or enfolds traditional maps of mind from religion and science as the new invention of TV included Radio or the “Car” and “Airplane” upgraded previous types of transportation. Thus the “intent” and direction of flow of many religions will be preserved, but much will change. Also science started within an Exclusive - Not logic, but now new fuzzy logic and complexity theory has emerged.

Five Content and detail pages:

  What is HoloMind and How does Consciousness (Mind) emerge at all levels of Reality?

Science started to explore the way the brain organized itself that resembled how a physical hologram is constructed in the 1960s. But the mind itself has given humans of all cultures maps of holographic mind for thousands of years.


The holographic paradigm answers many questions: how can total information be distributed throughout the brain. How can the same totality be experienced from many viewpoints. Why do all activities emerge in phase space code such as Music, Language and even Games [only one example being Solitaire]! These phase codes are exactly how physical holography works! We have used these phase coding principles in AM and FM radio.

Consciousness and self awareness is easy to understand as holograms within and of holograms, just as the melody is within the harmony and both are aware of and lined up with the Rhythmic beat!

 Coherence: Design of HoloMind

Coherent light from lasers were used in the first physical holograms. Coherence means that all the crests and troughs of the light waves are lined up: in Order. Order and coherence is needed to design Mind: it becomes the reference source for the meaning of the activities of life. Humans no longer need biological maps with built-in coherence to design New Mind. We can recognize the freedom to connect stable principles that have been pioneered by science. TV, Cars, Computers and many other “things” are really spiritual models for designing Mind that connects to all viewpoints with peace and gentleness and flexibility.

Music is an example of multiple coherent sources [time and key signature and harmony] using phase spaces of "notes" and duration. Written language is a phase code within a coherent "alphabet". [otherwise words would look like "hist" ("this" in alphabetical or coherent order )] Rules and games [sports like basketball or football "soccer"] use inhibitory rules to create phase spaces where each individual has a complete map but performs from their position [holographic viewpoint] and the self organization is called skill and play. This is similar to a symphony orchestra structure.

Rules and consequently coherence, are the natural output of neural networks: Data in - Rules out! This and the way in which neural networks are fully connected with weights is the same structure as holograms!

 The stacking of holomind: consciousness as fractals!

Discoveries in science are self-referential: science proposes [a problem] science disposes [with an answer]. So the gap above the highest level continues to ignor where these solutions are answers to other questions. In this case fractals map the nature of consciousness by mapping how the coherence of holomind is stacked upon itself in a self referring process! Yet fractals were first proposed as solutions to "mathematical monsters" that seemingly could not exist within the old maps of dimension. When I first saw in 1976 the first book published on "Fractals" I immediately saw its implications for my work: this was one of the breakthrus in science I had been hoping for!

Maps are part of consciousness that result when holomind is layered: a hologram of a hologram. This process allows the separation of living beings into interlocking phase “parts” of the original “whole” coherence. This is the Adam’s rib Yin phase half. Culture and civilization expands as the level of resolution of the phase spaces gets finer: more elements in a larger space. Some of the first results of phase mapping is found in the diversity of human "selves or egos" which maps the entire ecological system of the "animal realm" onto the human psyche as emerged in various cultural maps called "astrologies". Thus the “specialist” and “worker” developed, and new coherent structures develop which no longer resemble a “normal” biological or physical wave coherence of a start and rise, a high, a fall and a low or as commonly referred to “life and death”. The result is discarded phase segments clearly illustrated in recent culture by elders becoming the “aged / old people”. Because of the rapid development of new phase structures the youth become the elders because of their rapid learning skills [and other reasons].

 Music and other Maps of HoloMind

This section Shows that music is a map of consciousness and holomind. Holograms require sources of coherence, such as lasers, to construct and reMember themselves. The sources of coherence in Music is the Time and Key signature. Consciousness is self referent Just as Melody refers to harmony and rhythm!

Thus Mind itself Sings! Music and poetry and Drama and Dance is the voice of mind in its own code and holomind structure! This is the very essence and inner nature of HoloMind: not a representation or metaphor! Other maps of our minds have emerged and presented themselves as popular or "fun", but have been ignored as serious scientific or religious maps of holomind! One such map is cards and the game Solitaire! I will show how this "fits" as a map of culture and psychological structures that shows the process of constructing HoloMind! Cards use the basic coherence and phase spaces that overlap necessary to create the code of a hologram and consciousness or self awareness. In the holomind, the neocortex connects to the older brains and not directly to the sense organs. Then the neocortex is making a hologram of the hologram phase spaces of the older brains. Thus it can make a self similar phase space of each phase within the phase spaces of the older brains. This fractal scaling is obviously what happens in the creation of language and the maps of "Art, Music, etc." These neural networks in the neocortex which are virtual representations of fragments of the older brain can be shared with others who plug them into their brain [process resulting in "meaning"] as if all humans brains are inside a single virtual skull. This process is modeled by the places of religious worship [cathedrals, mosques, temples, churches, etc.] Thus the meaning of being human is that we all share one mind as maps within each individual. This process of fractal scaling [fragmentation] reduces the intensity of single pieces of information or process states in the neocortex relative to the high survival intensity of the older brains that relate and deal with family, food, territory, sex and survival.

 Peace! Doing thru simple and easy

Peace is Built into being human! The East Asian philosophy of Taoism is especially “right on”! The I Ching points to how consciousness exists at all levels of quantum holomind reality. We can see that mater and energy are subsets of mind that are stable in the time dimension, and that “fuzzy states” which are most unstable can still interact with matter. Solutions of the problems of quantum physics are offered by this structure of mind as layers of consciousness interacting with itself!?

These phases of human life can be illustrated by maps of consciousness already present, but unrecognized, like the card games of solitaire! Going up or down and choosing to start with any card after looking at all the shuffle from an up - revealed position is being fully human. Because of self organizing mind, I created all the positions and conditions incumbent on any stack / phase location, so I do not need to “know” how others prearranged the stack regarding any subject or area of knowledge. I do not need the baggage of background or preparation or school as given by others to tell me what things are!!! I am human which means I am Buddha and Christ! These “heroes” were only pointing the way as pioneers! This “enlightenment” and “nirvana” [as the freedom from baggage] is what I offer and talk about. But this offer is not doing it for others as Christianity moved into, or being totally one[ness] individual as Buddhist culture: but seeing from all sides / viewpoints / phase locations whenever I so decide! This is not some superman /power but is built into the holomind / brain and consequently built intoit being human!!


You are about to encounter new ideas that gather together the ways in which traditional cultures and modern science has represented mind and being human. This new synthesis is a very direct approach which demystifies religion and simplifies the ways in which science applied itself to understanding mind. In this approach I consider that religion is a pre-scientific approach to the same material needed to understand the nature of mind and being human which unlike science is being directed by that very mind.

What does this get us?




     These are built into the neocortex that evolved  to a larger place in the human brain than other species. This area of our brain which maps the older "animal" brain into small units that can be freely and easily connected using what has become to be known as "Language, Music and the Arts". 

Peaceful and Gentleness: this use of language and the Arts to map and represent our actions and deep emotions is like breaking up bright sunlight into Diodes or Christmas tree lights that compared to sunlight are gentle and can be easily arranged.

How peace and serenity is built into being human!

Introducing new research that clarifies how humans represent and map

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that recently emerged in the mathematics of neural networks. This introduced a dilemma: it was found because biological neural networks must be self organizing, external supervision as found in teaching, parenting and civil authority cannot take place directly. I will explain how human culture evolved by overcoming this difficulty.

 In the 1960s neural science introduced the proposition that the brain used similar procedures to how a physical hologram is constructed. I show how this process explains self consciousness and hence culture as overlayered consciousness: holograms of holograms. This is not obscure or hard to understand science, but has been modeled in every human activity from Music to Religion to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture. Some of the words describing this are: One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace. I make sense out of the scientific assertion that we are descended from "monkeys"!

Self organization: recent scientific investigations of the nature of neural networks proves that only self organizing neural networks can exist in living systems.

This means that supervision is impossible:

So how did these normal cultural activities become possible?

As the human brain evolved, we employed the three-dimensional logic of the tree tops to develop language as a way of sharing and cooperating with others in the tasks necessary to survive on the two-dimensional plane -- tundra among larger and stronger animals.  Language is like the leaves at the ends of ever increasingly smaller and smaller branches that are rooted in the ground of our older and more intensely powerful animal and reptilian brains.

Picture this: a tree with Christmas tree lights.  This symbolizes the intensity of language when compared with light sources such as the sun: not only is it beautiful but also we can look directly at the Christmas tree lights, whereas the sun will blind us when we look directly at it.  In the same way we say our animal nature overpowers human reason.

Picture this: the so-called Garden of Eden myths takes on an enhanced meaning when understood from this prospective of evolutionary development.  The expulsion from the Garden of Eden is only possible after eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil which is language and its use in cooperative tasks.  We no longer had the complete freedom of self organization referred to as being the children of God.  We had to work at figuring out how to become farmers and city dwellers.

Dividing the world of knowledge into good and evil still plagues us.  Religious people will say that I am not following the Bible and scientific people will say there is no truth in myth or the Bible, and that I am not being scientific.  My position is that material that emerges from deep within where some people find God is the same source of truth that science is studying.  But with both religion and science the struggle with good and evil from each of their single viewpoints results and distortion and avoidance. Thus these inner truths are distorted to fit cultural needs. All the elements are present but arranged in different orders so that instead of seeing the development of language as an evolutionary journey, religion in the West sees it as original sin.  Science has all the elements but locked up in different disciplines that do not talk to each other.  So the mathematics of neural networks does not connect with the study of linguistics or anthropology and none of these connect with modern general systems theories.  Each gives its own story without connecting to being human.

Thus our deep and ancient preverbal intelligence continuously shows itself with all the pieces necessary to represent mind, but each human culture puts these pieces together as if living in a dream. Instead of seeing the map of how the human mind connects to the roots in the deep older brain structures humans have lived as if those deep connections control us, and used those the deep connections to control others as was done in the holy Roman Empire.

 The advances in human development that brought us language, culturally shared maps of reality and civilization emerged because of fear and difficulties of survival among larger and stronger animals. Now that we understand these processes we can let go of the extra baggage needed to protect us from fear of other humans and their ideas and join together in our common human biological heritage of peacefulness and gentleness.


Let me walk you through this new material before we get to the applications from your particular point of view. I will supply background information as links for you to follow about any of the implications for science or traditional culture as well as background information for those of you who are unfamiliar with particulars in a very easy to understand context.

Understanding holographic mind.

 The way in which a hologram constructs itself that differs from an ordinary picture:


 in that the complete holographic picture is distributed throughout and at all points on the hologram:

also each complete picture point on the hologram has its own viewpoint:


In the brain the majority viewpoint is expressed and the others are repressed by ignoring them or as we call it by concentration.  Not only that, in living systems each complete information set becomes self organizing and evolving:
All one's parts take on different roles and goals: we shape ourselves around who we want to be, and who we want to love and marry.  We take on our parents ideas and then become our parents in trying to shape others.  All these different parts of ourselves emerge when needed almost as if they were strangers to us.

How is the structure of Mind modeled by holography:

Each part of the mind as in a hologram contains the entire picture or information. In mind each part evolves differently. This allows, creates and demands diversity.

In the hologram the reason for this distributed nature of structure and information is because a coherent source of light, mainly a laser, is used to store and capture the information that is unfocused by a lens and thus lands everywhere at the same time.

coherence of phases:

Thus coherence is the lining up of the phase structure of any energy or matter entity. In the physical hologram the coherent source mainly light from a laser divides into two parts. One part reflects off the object and carries the information by the way the object shifted the phase code of the light back to the original coherent source that has remained unchanged and now becomes a canvas upon which the information in the form of a phase code is written. In living systems many structure is have become sources of coherence especially including phase angles of previous sources of coherence that have coded themselves into the body mind. Thus what we call focused details can become sources of coherence.

The elements of one mind always remain the same yet the phase relationships are always changing is represented directly by playing cards and the game of solitaire. The elements of the one mind are phase angles of an overlayered larger set. These other sets are also mind of what we call mind -- body. This phase structure of mind is also represented by music: by the time signature and key signature.

The number of cards in the stack of a solitaire game is the size of the phase space and the object of the game which is to put the cards in a coherent order refers to the order of a larger phase space of the over mind.

The animal mind uses the beginning or first on the phase space which in the cards is the ace. The human mind is able to connect to any of the phases and to proceed forwards or backwards which is represented by the cards as an forwards sequence or a backwards sequence. Thus the phase space of the cards is in the reptilian brain and the mammal brain is the stacks. The human brain as language using the holographic processes connects to all cards. Thus the shuffle produces as many procedures as there are cards whereas in the animal brain only one set of procedures is produced because the sequence of the reptilian brain must be followed.

The unsequenced cards in every stack taken as a set become words in the human language brain.

Many people in the scientific religion do not consider this analysis to be scientific yet it is a very precise model. It is the reductionist viewpoint which does not allow so-called subjective elements to be introduced like playing cards or solitaire games.

Wind chimes for example of self organization with phase angles like the cards set to certain pitch as phase angle. Instruments like the harp and later the violin then allowed any sequence to be performed as words -- melodies.

Many religious leaders have selected celibacy or deselected family life because this was a set of phase angles and mind that they did not want to operate in. They just became isolated in single cells much like the new apartment buildings were people isolate themselves from family life. This is where the family life vector spaces of mind is multigenerational. This is where we see the Star of David.

In solitaire the free space is the neocortex holographic mind connecting to all points: this is why we call ourselves free and see human nature as freedom. We connect to all points when we are in the midst of mind itself.

The various forms of solitaire represent how mind hides itself and limits its freedom. 

Thus in some games one is only allowed to turn up three cards and see seven cards at once. Most of the deck or deal is hidden from view and the only choice or freedom that is allowed us to play cards that fit on two of the same color card of higher rank. Thus the outcome of the game is determined or predestined by the shuffle.


 The game called free cell allows free spaces which can connect to any card that is on top, but can figure out sequences which allow progress in the game. Variations of free cell require that stacks be no higher than a predetermined number which includes the free space. But then any card can be moved to the free space as long as all the other cards on top are carried with it in the stack does not exceed the limit number. This represents how mind Works to construct itself within a phase space that is plugged into older mind structures.

The multiple stacks in a solitaire game represent the hologram of the hologram: holograms taken of holograms with different coherent structures or different size phase spaces.

The way in which freedom of the empty stacks were the use of the joker card which can connect to any place or other card that is needed represents the source of coherence or consciousness itself.


Mind-only or Only1Mind: this term, first introduced in Buddhist Cultures, refers to what has recently emerged in 1970s that establishes from scientific research that the brain - mind uses the same structuring processes that is used to produce physical holograms. The properties of mind that imitate holograms is that that any small piece of a hologram contains the whole picture. Brain research established that memories are distributed throughout the brain not as details but as wholes.

 That is not the only parallel: the White Light of near death experiences and the nature of consciousness resemble the coherence of light in lasers or sound and music in the key/time signature, necessary to create holograms. Just as a Laser becomes the source of the holographic phase code and at the same time the canvas upon which the holographic code is written and also the necessary means for reconstructing the information in viewing the "picture / scene", so does consciousness create Mind and also reMember the mind it originally created.

 The big difference between physical holograms and mind is that self consciousness is a layered process: holograms of holograms, and that mind can make holograms of procedures, process and action, not  just static pictures [even if they are a sequence of static pictures that appear to move].

Self Consciousness is holograms of holograms of holograms!

Basic structures of Life forms: Self organization that evolved into structures that can now be understood using the Hologram as a preliminary similar structure.

Basic properties of the holographic process that apply to Formation of Mind:

Music is an example of multiple coherent sources [time and key signature and harmony] using phase spaces of "notes" and duration.

Self organization and how human culture emerged: recent mathematical research into the nature of neural networks prove that supervision or authority by anyone outside the physical boundaries of the brain like parents, teacher or government, is biologically impossible.

Human culture is biologically impossible within the confines of self organizing systems in neural networks which do not allow outside supervision of family, government or schooling!

 Thus human culture would be impossible if it wasn't for the ability of humans to use language to internalize supervisional maps that each human can closely duplicate. Thus all humans can function as if we are all inside a single virtual skull and share One Mind. This has come to be represented by the shape of Mosques, Cathedrals, Temples, Churches and government buildings that are shaped like the space inside of a skull.  

Picture This: All brains must be Self organizing! Which means they can NOT be influenced, trained or supervised / taught from sources external to their physical boundaries.

So how did human culture evolve in the face of the biological limitation imposed by self organization?



Resources of science using the new tools of Fractals, Neural nets, Holographic Mind to create a synergy of traditional science and Music and Drama as sculptures of Mind itself!

Spiritual Resources Cognitive psychology, NLP, TA, 12 Step groups and Family systems are part of the new spiritual evolution.

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