Written language is a phase code within a coherent "alphabet". [otherwise words would look like "hist" ("this" in alphabetical or coherent order )]
Rules and games [sports like basketball or football "soccer"] use inhibitory rules to create phase spaces where each individual has a complete map but performs from their position [holographic viewpoint] and the self organization is called skill and play. This is similar to a symphony orchestra structure.
Rules and consequently coherence, are the natural output of neural networks: Data in - Rules out!
This and the way in which neural networks are fully connected with weights is the same structure as holograms!
The card game solitaire represents the way in which the code of holographic mind is manipulated. The basic rule of solitaire is to create coherence by stacking up the suits. The intermediate procedures which involve alternating red and black suits represents the interaction of self-consciousness as stacked holograms. The numbers of the cards themselves represent phase space as well as the petals of chakras.