What is holographic mind and why he does it solve so many problems or clarify so many issues?

Consciousness and self consciousness are easy to understand once we understand how holographic mind works.  So is diversity and the many approaches and uses that have emerged in evolution and cultures.

So how is the mind holographic? In the 1970s brain researchers discovered that the physical hologram seemed to to represent some of the same properties that had been discovered in the brain. The most prominent in was the way that information is distributed on the holographic film. Each little portion of the film contains all information of the picture repeated endlessly. What varies on the physical hologram when smaller portions are examined is the level of detail. Thus one can cut up a hologram and look through each piece separately and see the whole picture unlike regular photography and representations of information made in the serial way such as books and language. Each one of these small sections of a hologram retains the viewpoint consistent with the place from which it was cut. Thus if you took a hologram of a baseball diamond and look at it from the center the catcher batter and pitcher would be in line, from third base the third baseman and pitcher would be in line and from the first base side the first baseman and pitcher would be in line and the third baseman behind the pitcher. This trivial example becomes very important when applied to religion or politics. We can see that the right-winger or liberal viewpoints are a subset of entire systems such as different religions containing Orthodox and liberal positions. As will be explained fully later living systems are different than hologram's so that each of these positions then becomes self organizing going off in its own direction. Yet each position has access to the entire information base. So my position has that understanding how holographic mind Works creates a synthesis and basis for understanding how all the variety of positions and thought structures have arisen in human cultures.

The brilliance of the Internet is that I can now give you links to these areas of research.

The next important new structure of mind revealed by holography is the use of coherent light to construct and reconstruct a hologram. I will show how consciousness can be seen as the light which creates life and then recreates it as mind. On the previous page I illustrated what is coherence. Light that is lined up an instep is coherent and because all the troughs and crests are lined up it is self amplified. Then this light is split into two parts where the first part remains coherent and becomes a canvas upon which the code and information of the hologram is written. The second part is directed to to the object and reflected back to this first canvas where it interferes with and connects with the lined up quality of the original coherent source. But since it travels some distance to the object and not the entire amount is reflected back, the interference is not as bright as the original source. We say that the code that results is written in phase space because the information of the object relates to how much shift of phase of the light results from hitting parts of the object that are a little closer or little further from each other. It would be like a clock that changed its orientation so that anyone of the hours could be in the upright position. But the best example of this is music where the notes of the key signature could be considered the phase structure and melody the interference pattern.

The distributed nature of a hologram arises because the light is not focused through a lense were the information about single details occurs at one only one place on the photographic plate. If we consider the details of the pitcher to be phase angles we can talk more about the relationship between what we consider reality that is focused in the information about reality found around us which it each point contains the total information. In the time domain we work with phase angles of hours, min., seconds, days and years. Sometimes for some people all of time seems to be present in the moment or the now. This experience of an eternal now can now be referred to holographic mind. Thus the lens focuses or lines up all the phase angles as if to make the phase angles into new sources of coherence.

Then the mind can make holograms of holograms using focused phase angles as the next level of coherence. This is how we write so much information about single details and information about information in the language realm. This also explains self-consciousness as holograms of holograms where one of the sources of coherence is what we refer to as the self or me. Many see all of the activities of the self as details or phase angles that become sources of coherence. Again this has been illustrated for thousands of years in music where the melody is self-aware of the bar lines in rhythm and later of harmony. The melody does not go off in its own but lines up with the bar as in time signature.

What things point to holographic mind? If mind is all around us and mind is holographic how do we know when we see or hear or experience mind? In the answer is very obvious since holographic mind is generated by coherent sources and coherence will appear when everything is lined up and instep. Rules and structures are about how things line up. Recent research into the mathematics of neural networks show that the operation of neural networks can be summed up with the statement "data in rules out".

The way atoms organizes themselves into molecules as phases of complete electron shells is the same coding used to construct mind: phase code of coherent sources. This is similar to the use of lasers to construct holograms whose information content is in a phase space.

Levels of mind are referred to in every culture.  They are called psychic centers, charkas, subconscious, and I  Ching.  They will be discussed fully along with others since they are clear representations of consciousness and self consciousness using the mind as a hologram.

Like Fractal scales, holograms constructed themselves over the phase angles of bigger holograms. Like seconds of minuets of hours of days of months of years!


Evolution in living systems produced embedding or overlayering of phase spaces where each new space has more information space or finer levels of resolution. The newly evolved language and mapping areas of the human brain such as music, drama and the Arts divide the older brain areas that are similar to the reptile and mammal brains into small neural net fragments with attached reference maps that can be shared and plugged into the brains of other humans. These are embedded within single phases of the older phase spaces structures as a single hour has 60 minuets and each minuet has 60 seconds. Of course the hours of a clock is an excellent example of a phase space within the coherent source starting at noon shared by each individual within a location. [this has altered from natural chaotic time of the sundial to the regular "rational" mechanical clock time. Thus procedures [actions] necessary for survival [like hunting and food production and family bonding necessary for reproduction, etc.] can be divided [fragmented or fractal structures] into smaller steps and those steps mapped from many "angles" with single individuals restricting themselves to single steps [work] where the sum of all humans completes these procedures by all sharing the same map [One Mind]. This is not possible in other living species to the extent and level of resolution used by humans [I only mention "to the extent" because of the seeming exception to this division of labor seen in some insect community behaviors like ants, but in this case it becomes a fixed chemical structure].

Picture This: Consciousness is revealed as part of Holographic Mind! 

Holograms use coherent light to create the pattern that is captured on film, and need the same coherent light to reconstruct or re-member the image that can be seen. The world of nature and culture is already a hologram that is reconstructed - re-membered by consciousness, which is the coherent source that is the original source of self organization. The act of awareness does not construct an internal hologram: it is already present; mind just accesses it.

Structured [constructed] using coherent sources [lasers] as the source that "maps" structures in phase space that is then self referently recorded on the original coherence making a pattern the differs from both the original source or the mapping.
The information contained in the "map pattern" is reconstructed [re-membered or viewed] by reapplying the original coherent source to the recorded pattern.
Since no source of coherence or any other structure outside or different from the original coherence is used to or is part of this process it is wholly self contained, self referent and a self organizing process.
The map is present everywhere: on the physical hologram any piece of film contains the total information [map - object] with the level of resolution of the information proportional to the size of the film fragment.
The different pieces of the film record [map] different viewpoints of the object as if one viewed the scene from any side [and extended to biological process maps: from any place or looking in any direction]
Holograms can be overlayered by using the same coherent source from different angles of combination or by using coherent sources of different frequencies.

When multiple coherent sources are used the combination of intensity is at the power, not the sum of the sources.

How do these properties clarify, map and enhance our understanding of cultural concepts.
Consciousness itself is identical with the reconstruction of a hologram and if all life forms and structures use a phase space in its self structuring, the consciousness of the same coherent structure has direct and immediate access to the information of those life forms.
Qi [as the full wave form] and Yin/Yang [as 180 degree phases in a phase space] have the same properties as coherent sources.
I Ching [full set of all powers of 2] and Chakras have the same structures as multiple coherence.
Many "properties" of spiritual beings and realms [God etc.] such as omniscience and omnipresence describe a hologram.

Viewpoint in hologram has the same structure of "public domain" and "completeability" in the scientific method. One "truth" or "system" does not "win out" over others and cannot contradict the "facts" of other systems. Any system must be viewed from all viewpoints in the "public domain" without failure to be accepted as containing some truth. That is the synergy I am introducing in my research.