Is science the new Religion? Did the Millenium happen from 332 to 1330?

If Astrology and other Mystical traditions are scientifically unworkable, then what is life's connection with the cosmos?

If Mind is self organizing, then why is education still based on an unworkable process of behavior training and conditioning?

Which parts of the world's traditional religions prefigured the new sciences of Self Organization, Holographic Mind, Fuzzy systems, Neural Networks and Fractals? Which parts are still based on incorrect science, and political organization in the service of maintaining traditions?


Sharing the structure of our brain in small virtual pieces is the Human Solution!

The new brain that grows only in human skulls is not connected to the outside world, but to the neural networks that make up the "older" brain structures that we share with other mammals and reptiles. This neocortex [new brain] makes many self similar representations and maps from many points of view of the structures of emotion, sensation such as smell and touch, and our behaviors or actions in the world as well as the working of the machinery of our "body". These language representations can then be shared with other humans, who must then organize and plug in these words to a similar functional place in their own brain to arrive at THE meaning of the words. The old brain used smell to identify or differential objects in their world and humans have remapped the function of smell onto the portion of language called nouns and labels. The mapping of actions and behavior onto verbs allows humans to use language of nouns independent of biological and natural cycles of time as if operating in a timeless realm. Other areas of our neocortex are used to make self referent maps called Art, Music, Religion and Science that sculpture this very process of being human and the structures of our mind! The domed shape of meeting places that emerged in all human cultures points to or sculptures the sharing of virtual pieces of our brain as if we all live inside a virtual skull.


Which brings me to the details of how the newly evolved human brain on top of the older structures [15-200 million years old] called the neocortex defines our humanness!
First: because all biological neural net structures in any and all living systems MUST BE SELF ORGANIZING, human civilization and most aspects of culture like supervision, language, remote teaching not directed by example actions and other interactive behavior are biologically impossible. So the evolution of the neocortex obviously created a way to solve this problem posed by not being able to adjust or supervise each others self organizing neural networks.
In the holomind, the neocortex connects to the older brains and not directly to the sense organs. Then the neocortex is making a hologram of the hologram phase spaces of the older brains. Thus it can make a self similar phase space of each phase within the phase spaces of the older brains. With you I can use the I Ching as metaphoric structure: if the trigrams are the reptilian code space and the hexigrams the mammal brain code space then a space of 12 lines could represent the space of the neocortex which would have 2 to the 12th power states. This fractal scaling is obviously what happens in the creation of language and the maps of "Art, Music, etc." These neural networks in the neocortex which are virtual representations of fragments of the older brain can be shared with others who plug them into their brain [process resulting in "meaning"] as if all humans brains are inside a single virtual skull. This process is modeled by the places of religious worship [cathedrals, mosques, temples, churches, etc.] Thus the meaning of being human is that we all share one mind as maps within each individual.
This process of fractal scaling [fragmentation] reduces the intensity of single pieces of information or process states in the neocortex relative to the high survival intensity of the older brains that relate and deal with family, food, territory, sex and survival. If the older brain which is connected to the environment is like a rotating mirror reflecting sunlight, then the neocortex is like a shattered mirror scattered around and reflecting only parts of the whole mirror and only when there is alignment with the movement [bio-cycles and phase angles]. During the last 10,000 years and especially the last 3,000 as the agriCultural revolution evolved, humans had more time in which to map this process when parts of the neocortex was not connected or reflecting the intensity of the older brain. What happened is we discovered ourselves as serene, gentle ant Peaceful.
This is especially evident in Buddhism and Taoism: "Know thru the simple and do thru the easy"! Then the 4 noble truths are: Suffering as being connected to the old brains. Suffering results when we use the old brain [excitement and arousal] as motivation. [cause of suffering]. Serenity [nirvana] results when we solve this problem because there are solutions, [not fate, karma and predestination] of non-attachment. The procedure [path] is holographic in many directions at once and one phase step at a time. [8-fold path to start]

Matter is in a phase space written on the electron orbitals as coherent source: the electrons as Yang and the nucleus as Yin. Then the holographic code is created from the inside: not as a reflection of something outside. Then the material world becomes self organizing where the holograms are original material and each molecule is a completion and energy is the fragmentation looking for completion: the energy that seeks completion as the finished orbitals of helium, argon etc.. Thus multiple orbitals are like multiple coherent sources and can be lined up with the I Ching?!
Thus light is a map of the total coherence that links the nucleus and electron structures and charge [polarity] is part of structure that appears as wave yet includes an outer space of EMF and inner nuclear structure that is "earth" or collapsed space as location!?!
So This definition of matter is also the same as mind and consciousness as being able to "read" everything as if it is holographic. Then when consciousness as coherence records something it is in the same realm! Thus everything takes its place in a phase space and new recordings or maps in phase spaces of different resolution!

The neural nets of the old brain are like machine language words that put a CPU into a "state". A sentence is a succession of words that does something. Then the neocortex connection is like an assembler or interpretation that can translate into a program for use anytime [to be called up] or directly produce real-time code! This is also the ability in the neocortex to produce machine code directly since the n.nets of the neocortex are like RISC. Thus humans can translate into "emotional - animal" code like loading the instruction set of a Pentium or Mac, but also write "native code" that doesn't "go thru" the older processors and directly connects to IO [action] especially verbal!