Maps of Holomind:

Music is an example of multiple coherent sources [time and key signature and harmony] using phase spaces of "notes" and duration that is directly mind itself that science maps in the holographic paradigm of mind - consciousness and the holographic universe. YES!! The time - key signature scientifically models Bohm's implicate order! Directly!!

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I have designed 2 new versions of Solitaire that you can try out. They do not play perfect as games because they are designed as illustrations of how HoloMind works!

The first version will deal a game that may not Win, but you can click on the transpose button to play the same shuffle as if the cards changed value. Thus you can play as if the twos are Aces, Then threes become Aces. This illustrates how the same circumstances can have different results from different viewpoints / Start-points / Mind-sets or "being on different wavelengths"!

 The Draw pile represents the progress of "time" and the introduction of different events! This comes with one card up and one card hidden and unavailable. This represents how we ignore part of reality: The Yang and the Yin. This is the process of concentration: ignoring some new stimuli to concentrate on the important things.

 Each pile that you move cards to or from is life experience and the accumulation of order in our lives. But Culture does not come so easy to put into order [create holomind]: it has baggage from tradition as family, school subjects and different occupations. There are different areas where we accumulate pain or pleasure, success or failure that we carry around with us as "suffering", confusion, aversions and "attachments"!

 The second version is presented in 3 stages.

First stage: you can interact with "time" but you cannot untangle the "present"! 

Second stage: you can start to untangle the present but you take the baggage with you and leave the illusion of a good move.

Third stage: you take the baggage with you and wipe out any left over cards: Cannot Win!

Last stage: you can untangle the present thus removing the baggage, but how you do it seems to change each time: Life is never the same. Life is self organizing!



This connection to our design of external "things" as maps of our modern holomind introduces a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace. There is a gap between our consciousness of the "world out there" and our mind inside which keeps us from understanding the unity of external and internal consciousness / Reality. I have had personal experiences of this unity, so I know what this is about and can thus recognize others who have written about it for thousands of years. Yet it is much easier for everyone to recognize the gap and unity in our modern world.

This gap results in our ignoring our minds products as maps of mind. This applies to computers and their programs, and now to web pages and their design. Humans can now design their own individual mind just as a programmer or company creates a product. We accepted the design as if it came from some outside source: heredity or environment. Modern mathematics of neural networks prove that it comes from within as self organization. We assemble and program using a basic mental machinery of DNA, but because our DNA is so almost identical to our Ape ancestors, this doesn’t explain the great diversity of language, culture and personalities of humans.


Human hardware: we know that if we program a modern computer with the code for the first computer hardware of the 1960s, we will be very constricted by limitations. In the same way, if we design our mind based on what we knew 500 years ago or 2,500 years ago, we will follow limitations that resulted in religious and cultural wars. We will be programming for the reptilian brain hardware of fight or flight and the mammal hardware of emotion that results in belief systems of emotional attachment and aversion.

Modern science has uncovered the brain hardware that created all those traditional designs of Mind: it is the neocortex, which is spacious, free and peaceful compared to the animal and reptilian brain. Yet we have learned from the old designs that holomind is based on coherent structures, just as computer code must fit together within the same programming language. We see the success of Microsoft Windows which provides a coherence for users and designers alike.

 Our thinking processes are the designer and programmer. We want to use these designs in an “automatic” integrated way of our flow of life. When we drive our cars we cannot stop and think about every decision. We must have programs that are available and work instantly. That means that our new programs must interface with the old hardware of the mammal and reptilian brain.

 So one of the ways of design is to use and change the programs that are already in place. So how do we recognize which is what? What events result in sensation of the reptilian brain or emotion of the mammal? Are these sensations / emotions really the thought forms of those brains, and we really do not recognize the well run programs like walking, eating and digesting, sleeping and connecting unless there is error?

 We call these automatic programs “instinct” as if they cannot be accessed or changed, yet in many areas of modern psychology [like NLP] we find we can access and change! And this is only the beginning!

Modern Mathematics has demonstrated that the mind uses fuzzy Logic or Fuzzy Thinking in its operations. Thus this implies that "rational mind" grew out of the need for coherence to build the mind that was designed for agriculture.

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