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Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

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Playing Notes on the Keyboard

Note Values and Rhythm

Time Signatures


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Minor Key Signatures and Scales


The most direct way that all music models mind is of the holographic model of Mind introduced in the late 1960s by neuroscientist Karl Pribram of Stanford and of the holographic universe introduced by David Bohm of the University of London and colleague of Einstein. A hologram is produced by using a coherent source of light [or sound] such as a laser, splitting that light into two parts. one part becomes the reference source or canvas, while the other part illuminates the object. Coherent light is created by lining up the phases so they are all in-step. Then the light that is reflected from the object interacts with the original coherent source creating an interference pattern that is captured by the photographic film. The film is not the canvas, but just stores the information until coherent light of the same frequency and phase angle and angle of incidence reconstructs the original object scene by the way it is altered when passing thru the film. The reflected light is unfocused so that each small part of the film contains the whole picture: one could cut the film into pieces the size of the head of a pin and see the whole picture thru each piece. The only change is the viewpoint [as if looking thru the left, right, center or top or bottom. If the scene were a table top, the perspective of the objects on the table would would change between different pieces. As the pieces get smaller detail is lost.

  This is already a strong model of the process of consciousness: when a coherent order is used to map the world of our senses, that same order can be used to "see" or be conscious of new processes as they emerge.

The most obvious order of music that models this coherent structuring of process in the time signature and the key signature. Human cultures use different size phase spaces which result in different "scales", but all cultures create and reconstruct the "musical code" based on coherent scales and "bar groups" in the time domain.

 Additionally, music models one of the most difficult processes for science to explain: self consciousness mapped as a hologram of a hologram. The "melody" or frequency domain activity is lined up with or in step with the time domain structure we call measure and rhythm. Also cultural group processes are mapped by harmony. 


 With the introduction of Fractals or fractional dimension, science provides humans with the tools and language to simulate and describe beauty. Even further, we can understand that beauty is a model of the holographic process that creates consciousness as a hologram in a phase sub-space of a holographic level of Mind.

  Music again is the key that unlocked the secret of beauty. When we measure the fractal dimension of music that we consider beautiful such as Mozart versus that music we consider boring or dull such as Salieri or chaotic such as much contemporary music, we find this fractal is the same as the fractal measure of the electrical activity of the human brain.  The fractal dimension used here is a measure of surprise or expectation between the next note being totally expected as in a scale to the total surprise as with chaotic electronic music or a monkey at the keyboard. The measure of the music that humans find most beautiful is .5 or halfway between total surprise and totally determined. This indicates to me that humans like to or find enjoyment in being engaged with some novelty that can be referred to past experience or to established coherence. Thus beauty and enjoyment can be defined as a resonance with the structure and activity of mind. Thus we can see that the arts and music are an interactive model human brain activity and the "software" produced by the neocortex called "Mind". 

  Recent scientific investigations of the mathematical properties of neural networks show that they use "Fuzzy" logic and self organization, which reveals that beauty can be individual and subjective and still be understood with the language of science. In this sense the reptilian [sensation] and mammal [feeling as fuzzy estimates] brains are more like computer hardware where the programs are unalterably "burned" into the Mind, and the neocortex language and right brain mapping areas are like software that can be  programmed and produce unique individual maps.

 More traditional science tried to prove total causality based on DNA by jumping to the conclusions offered by Skinner and others in Behaviorism. Now we can understand the rich source of models of mind produced by the mind itself. Thus we can now clearly understand the various Asian philosophies in Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism that have for a long time seen our experience of the world as an illusion or a projection of "Mind" onto reality. The process that creates this illusion is ignorance or the ability to ignore that results in concentration: a fractal holographic process. 

This resonance called beauty has the properties in fractals called "self-similarity". It means that we create maps in phase sub-spaces that are self-similar to our older brain structures and processes. These sub-spaces are like the minutes to hours and seconds to minutes or pentagram that produces a snowflake by putting a smaller triangle on each line and repeating the process on the newer shorter lines [called "iteration"].

Shared fractal maps as Forms that are essential for the emergence of Civilization

[More to come soon]

These forms like the Star of David or the Cross can be Shared like a postage stamp affixed on the canvas of mind which allows a common set of rules or coherent source with which to construct cultural mind. As with the above fractal image, each sub-sub-sub-space is complete and contains all the information of the entire star: all that differs is the address of the location which in our minds refers to our "self" and "job" called our identity.  

In music this process is modeled by the use of forms and styles such as the Concerto Grosso, or the Symphony and dance or sonata or Jazz or Hip-Hop forms.

The evolution of these forms in Western Music clearly models the evolution of modern scientific civilization.  

Self Organization.

One of the most difficult problems raised, but not answered, by the scientific investigation of the mathematical properties of neural networks is how human culture is possible given that the only type of neural networks that can exist in living systems and especially human or any brains are self organizing. This means that external supervision or authority directly causing change in any individual organism is biologically impossible. Any response to outside stimuli must happen inside brains using self organized processes. This means that the stimulus response causality of behaviorism is an illusion and a misreading of the holographic process can use the stimuli as a coherent source that reconstructs internal codes, previously self organized, that then appear as unthinking instinctual response. [This is totally clear to me as I sight read never before played music, and my fingers seem to have a mind of their own, or when performing familiar symphonies, new original fingerings emerge spontaneously.]

  This fact calls into question all previous assumptions and theories of human culture: parenting, teaching, civil government and how tradition can be passed on. How can the supervision of behavior that humans take for granted take place? The solution is in the evolution of the neocortex which only connects to the older brain structures and not to external sensory stimuli at a ratio of up to 10,000 to 1. This division uses fractal self similarity to create maps that we call language and "right-brain" maps. Thus meaning emerges when the words and phrases are self organizingly plugged into the older brain in such a way as to produce behavior that resonates with the supervising humans.  Thus we language humans can share the same internal maps as if we all existed inside a single virtual skull. This has been modeled for thousands of years by religions and civil governments that meet in skull shaped buildings.

 This plugged into more primitive structures of mind is even more clearly modeled in music where the "melody" is plugged into the rhythm and beat.

This sharing of identical maps that allows supervision and civilization to be possible is also modeled in Western ensemble music: especially the symphony where the group activity of the string sections and the individual playing [sometimes self organized] of the winds takes place in a unified supervised whole.

How does this impact teaching - learning and performance of music?

When humans fully understand that the neocortex that produces  language and maps, such as the internally hearing of music, is free of the time constraints of the older brain structures, humans can stop an activity, such as learning to play music on an instrument, at any moment and reprogram the next movement or sequence of movements provided that the body remains still - unmoving during the stop.

 Humans can realize the total necessity of not learning just the physical movements needed to play music, but must plug these movements into a internal map of the actual sound of that music. This is, I believe, why the Suzuki method is so successful.

[More to come: under construction]

This is an excerpt from from my older web page on music

My model of self organization shows that for supervision within culture to take place or for language to be meaningful, humans must plug-it-in to the older brain structures of the reptilian and emotion brain. This is illustrated in music by the way the melody and harmony plug into the rhythm and time signature bar-line structure. An amorphous or chaotic melody without rhythm appears unskillful and/or alien to our “minds”.

 This connection with rhythm is also how the neocortex discovered the connection with the cosmos and utilized it with by the overlayering of the phase structures or phase space we refer to as key signature. Thus this became self consciousness as a hologram [melody] of a hologram [beat – rhythm]. Later addition of culture and civilization as a third and more layering of holograms  as harmony and counterpoint.

 This is a new insight into the biggest problem of self organizing biological structure that does not allow supervisory actions and thus seem to not allow culture to exist as humans know it


Music, Dance and Drama sculptures the Mind itself!

Music, Drama and visual arts are constructed with coherent sources that have the same mathematical characteristics as lasers needed to construct holograms. Many researchers have proven that the brain has and uses holographic processes. The coherent sources of music are in the time dimension as Beat and time signature as three four or two four with an alteration of heavy and weak beats. In this case there is greater flexibility than with symmetrical sources such as laser light. The time dimension is also used in Drama but what is shown is the interference pattern and seldom the original cyclical coherent pattern that is the laser in a physical hologram. Drama shows how situations act as coherent sources that reconstruct the hologram called personality which results in ones fate called comedy or tragedy. This is how one hologram can be used as a coherent source of layering other resonant holograms. The other characters are also holograms created in the mind of the main character in a spatial dimension that in music is represented by harmony and the key signature. This was called the modes or "moods", but now in western culture has been reduced to Major as happy comedy and minor as sad or tragedy.

Western music embodied in the symphony orchestra and chamber music is also a sculpture of how the mind produces culture. Because biological neural networks, especially brains, are self organizing, our basic nature cannot be taught or supervised just as the musician must learn to play their instrument before they participate in performance. So culture can take place by creating representations of the structure of neural networks and consequently mind that can be shared as if we are all inside one large virtual skull. Then the total sum of all the tasks necessary for "existence" can be divided and distributed among many individuals as is done in the symphony. Each individual produces only a fragment of the total cultural mind, but by sharing a common representation of the music they can produce a complete experience in a holographic time context! They can even go so far as to do the biological impossible task of many performing an identical task simultaneously as is done in the string sections of the orchestra.

This "Sculpture" also embodies the paradigms of culture. In church music the sound was unified choral music coming from above as if from heaven and behind as if removed from the intellectual functions of the front of the brain. The sound had a seamless quality as if unending eternity. In the scientific age music is produced by instruments separate from the "body" and each note is individually controlled by outside forces [the composer] as the new Newtonian model of a Universe of separate particles controlled by energy and collisions! The musicians are not considered able to play together but must follow and be controlled by a one true representative of the composer! The music came from in front and slightly above the Audience as if aimed at the intellect.

In our modern age the music of rock seems to emerge from everywhere [because of the extreme loudness] and from inside the body where we all share the same heart [drum] beat which is like space as energy that moves us: gravity as the shape of space and time!


Self Consciousness is holograms of holograms of holograms!

How peace and serenity is built into being human!

Basic structures of Life forms: Self organization that evolved into structures that can now be understood using the Hologram as a preliminary similar structure.

Basic properties of the holographic process that apply to Formation of Mind:

Human culture is biologically impossible within the confines of self organizing systems in neural networks which do not allow outside supervision of family, government or schooling!

Picture This: All brains must be Self organizing! Which means they can NOT be influenced, trained or supervised / taught from sources external to their physical boundaries.

This means that human culture is biologically impossible!

So how did human culture evolve in the face of the biological limitation imposed by self organization?

In these pages I propose an answer to this as well as:

What is consciousness? What is its precise holographic structure.

Holographic Mind is embedded within itself as levels of resolution like this:

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