Basic biological structures of Being Human: peace and sharing one mind.

Creativity as self organization leads to One Mind:

The consequences of the biological structure of neural networks in living systems, which must be self organizing and can Not be supervised or trained from external sources, is that humans within families and cultures share one mind of language and maps as if humans exist within a single virtual skull. This is pointed to by religions and governments in that they construct their meeting places such as capital buildings, churches, temples, mosques in the shape of human skulls.

The basis of peace is biological: it is built into being human. We share our human brain [neocortex] with our older brain centers which are naturally more intense, thus the human brain that divides up that high intensity into little pieces that can be shared, thus creating human communities and civilization, is by nature far less intense: it is gentle and peaceful. Thus the human brain only realizes its power when it is shared as language and music and the arts!

Peace, serenity, and gentleness being built into the neocortex escape analysis because of the impossibility of a system describing and representing itself since it cannot take a metaposition above its own structure.

The part of the neocortex for humans is the three-dimensional tree structure inherited from common ancestors who actually lived in the treetops. The necessity of language as in implementation of this three-dimensional logic is to enable cooperation and structure activity as hunters on the two-dimensional plane where we were confronted by large animals that were totally dominant over single human individuals.

The neocortex allows many choices and diverse solutions or pathways to solve problems. Language allows the solutions to be passed on current generation to generation over hundreds and thousands of years. But when new conditions emerge that require no solutions humans have attached themselves to the old solutions because of the deep fear that accompanies language as the original solution to the problem of survival in the two-dimensional world of the plane. When agriculture became a solution new ways of programming the mind emerged that are now referred to its religion. Discipline and stability was needed more than creativity in dealing with the seasonal problem of crops.

Thus choice, free will, and self organization can be put aside in favor of tradition, structure, stability and other indications of the strong coherent source that the canvas of collective mind is being written on. This collective or over mind is the essence of cooperation that allows culture to take place by allowing the person to in effect become a puppet of language. Thus supervised activity becomes an internal function of shared mind.

Yet this human brain was developed / evolved as a tool to enhance the abilities to gather food, create and defend family, and other high survival tasks that require maximum energy / effort and intelligence. So we still "plug our peacefulness into" high intensity stories that many centuries ago had real survival value.
The approach I take by peace and gentle and serene is not making the lower brain centers "enemy" or demon or other oppositional "devil - hell" thinking, so we are beyond heaven and hell!

Change the rules to get peace: is like changing the start phase or base phase for reframing / reorientation. This is like starting with a different card or choosing a card that works, [in solitaire] not being stuck with the rule that the only way to construct mind is starting with the "natural" ace and building up! Thus each culture - country - situation is like a different deal - shuffle that has been worked on for centuries.
The shuffle is time: the combinations that are - create situations do not occur in phase structure.
The intensities of language are like fragments of mirror: each shines bright but only from certain angles. Whereas the lower brain catches the light from external sources, the new brain reflects the reflected light!

Just as a mood can be very intense and last several hours, but a thought can be trivial and be registered in a moment, so is the activity of the survival brain centers very intense compared to single events in the human neocortex. When we are just thinking for its own sake that does NOT refer to or plug into the older survival brain, we experience moments of peace, serenity where our inner world is a gentle and peaceful place. We are not driven or attached to passion, desire or territory and property.
This peace and gentleness is built into the biological structure of being human and is one of the major goals of most religions and spiritual traditions as well as modern science. It is captured in such phrases as "peace of God that passes all understanding" or "know thru the simple and do thru the easy" [Taoist] or "nirvana beyond the realms of birth and death". In modern science this "goal" is known as objectivity and being able to examine truth from all viewpoints as well an not being attached to a "final absolute" law or truth.


Addicted to excitement is the same structure as Buddhist desire - attachment and refers to the size -> intensity of the older brain. So the fractal pieces of the human brain can never be as "powerful" [hence powerlessness] or match the intensity of the lower brain. The human brain then is gentle, hence gentlemen! So the coffee and other drugs try to match this "feeling, strength, and intelligence of the older brains! The new brain was structured as a tool to help: hence helpful! So humans try to simulate the intensity and integration of the deeper structures in a place that cannot develop that much intensity.
The reduction of input to the somasystems produces a greater sensitivity to group mind.

Material sent to acupuncturists or TCM:

I am not offering information about particulars of treatment related to scientific medical theories, but a whole new theory - model of the body / mind that includes, integrates and synergizes very modern math and medical research [such as that done by Carl Pribram and Paul Plesch describing brain structures have properties that can be explained by their similarity to a physical hologram] with ALL the models present in TCM, Taoism and Buddhism. It answers the questions of precisely and scientifically how humans and life forms are connected to the cosmos as well as how cultural mind, family mind, individual mind is a continuation of the structures that allowed single celled organisms to inter-link as multicellular and later to differentiate into organs but still function as a single being.
I show precisely:
1. What is the One Mind and Self originating Mind, Tao, Qi in all its forms, Yin and Yang, I Ching, and meridians.
2. What is [and how they work] hypnosis, magnets, structure of the daily rhythm of Qi in the meridians.
3. Why such concepts as soul, the eternal Now, morality etc. Must arise
4. What is music, the Arts, and written language as a sculpture of mind and since they have developed independently of time or place with the same structure provide strong evidence for my model.
5. A way to diagnose based on the structure of the meridians that produces concrete charts for individuals. [A charge is involved, but if anyone provides anonymous data I will demonstrate]

My model has produced a complete new paradigm of what are the procedural components that define Being Human. This uses the newly developed mathematics of neural networks and self organization.
It answers the question of how human culture developed methods of supervision, teaching and organization that are biologically impossible given the fact that the only kind of neural networks that can exist within biological systems are self organizing. From Human to ant brains alike cannot be opened up and programmed like a computer but must learn and do everything that we attribute to influence and traditions from internal structuring. This also means that even though given the same "input" which produces the same "output", different individuals will and must structure their neural networks uniquely and individually and that during the repetition of these so called "learned skills" each individual will alter - deviate from the skill by their unique self organization. This is built in and only began to appear as "mistakes or sin" when 5,000 or more years ago the artificial experiment of human development
called agriCulture started looking for "rationality and a central organizing principle".
The nature of illusory mind has been pointed out by those who share my experiences and insights especially in Asian cultures over the last 2,500 years, so I was not to surprised that those few that responded to my internet mail at best wrote letters of opposition without even familiarizing themselves. They seem to believe in a Dualism, such as Yin/Yang has wrongly been attributed, to science and TCM which holds that concepts such as Qi, Tao, 5 elements and the meridians cannot possibly be scientific. [and given their Grasp [ing] of these words, I would agree].