Basic structures of Life forms: Self organization that evolved into structures that can now be understood using the Hologram as a preliminary similar structure.

Basic properties of the holographic process that apply to Formation of life:



Structured [constructed] using coherent sources [lasers] as the source that "maps" structures in phase space that is then self referently recorded on the original coherence making a pattern the differs from both the original source or the mapping.
The information contained in the "map pattern" is reconstructed [re-membered or viewed] by reapplying the original coherent source to the recorded pattern.
Since no source of coherence or any other structure outside or different from the original coherence is used to or is part of this process it is wholly self contained, self referent and a self organizing process.
The map is present everywhere: on the physical hologram any piece of film contains the total information [map - object] with the level of resolution of the information proportional to the size of the film fragment.
The different pieces of the film record [map] different viewpoints of the object as if one viewed the scene from any side [and extended to biological process maps: from any place or looking in any direction]
Holograms can be overlayered by using the same coherent source from different angles of combination or by using coherent sources of different frequencies.

When multiple coherent sources are used the combination of intensity is at the power, not the sum of the sources.

How do these properties clarify, map and enhance our understanding of cultural concepts.
Consciousness itself is identical with the reconstruction of a hologram and if all life forms and structures use a phase space in its self structuring, the consciousness of the same coherent structure has direct and immediate access to the information of those life forms.
Qi [as the full wave form] and Yin/Yang [as 180 degree phases in a phase space] have the same properties as coherent sources.
I Ching [full set of all powers of 2] and Chakras have the same structures as multiple coherence.
Many "properties" of spiritual beings and realms [God etc.] such as omniscience and omnipresence describe a hologram.

Viewpoint in hologram has the same structure of "public domain" and "completeability" in the scientific method. One "truth" or "system" does not "win out" over others and cannot contradict the "facts" of other systems. Any system must be viewed from all viewpoints in the "public domain" without failure to be accepted as containing some truth. That is the synergy I am introducing in my research.
Picture This: Holographic Mind!

Modern research starting in the 1960's has demonstrated that the brain is constructed around principles that are similar to the complete distribution of function and information that are characteristic of holography. Each portion of the hologram contains the entire picture, not some region or separate detail as is the case with pictures created with lenses that gather all the light of a region and focus it on a similar region of the picture. Thus all the information and dynamics available to one part of the brain is shared or distributed throughout the entire brain so that each part contains information about the whole. Music, Drama, Dance and Arts clearly model this holographic structure of mind since each member of an ensemble performs their individual part, yet knows the whole score - story or dance movements as well as knowing what each other member does or says.

Many approaches revealed the coherent structure of holographic Mind long before the recent scientific findings including: technical science; The Arts, poetry, music and drama; religions, and the pre-science of Astrology, the I Ching and other mystical traditions.

The structures embedded in Matter that organize atoms and chemical reactions generate the coherence that is the basis of consciousness and Mind. This is anticipated by the Buddhist word "mindonly", and the thoughts of some Christians that the world is the mind or thoughts of God.

I use the I Ching as a model of the development of matter as symmetry breaking. This brings precision to understanding how the world of matter and mind is a Cantor dust type fractal that generates coherent cycles and phase angles necessary for the construction of holographic interference patterns. This is anticipated in the Judeo-Christian Myth of Creation by the action of God in separating the chaos into light and dark.