Doing thru simple and easy

The East Asian philosophy of Taoism is especially “right on”! The I Ching points to how consciousness exists at all levels of quantum holomind reality. We can see that mater and energy are subsets of mind that are stable in the time dimension, and that “fuzzy states” which are most unstable can still interact with matter. Solutions of the problems of quantum physics are offered by this structure of mind as layers of consciousness interacting with itself!

Holomind from Many Viewpoints

Play New Solitaire for emulation of  how the same chart of life ends up different with different parents or cultures! It as if each person could life [play] life from a different coherent key signature where all the notes of life are transposed to a new wavelength! You can keep the same internal structure or holographic code, but transposes the cards up one. This emulates the holomind from a different viewpoint, Some views solve problems and others do not! 

  The basis of peace is biological: it is built into being human. We share our human brain [neocortex] with our older brain centers which are naturally more intense, thus the human brain that divides up that high intensity into little pieces that can be shared, thus creating human communities and civilization, is by nature far less intense: it is gentle and peaceful. Thus the human brain only realizes its power when it is shared as language and music and the arts!

Yet this human brain was developed / evolved as a tool to enhance the abilities to gather food, create and defend family, and other high survival tasks that require maximum energy / effort and intelligence. So we still "plug our peacefulness into" high intensity stories that many centuries ago had real survival value.

The approach I take by peace and gentle and serene is not making the lower brain centers "enemy" or demon or other oppositional "devil - hell" thinking, so we are beyond heaven and hell!

Change the rules to get peace: is like changing the start phase or base phase for reframing / reorientation. This is like starting with a different card or choosing a card that works, [in solitaire] not being stuck with the rule that the only way to construct mind is starting with the "natural" ace and building up! Thus each culture - country - situation is like a different deal - shuffle that has been worked on for centuries.

The shuffle is time: the combinations that are - create situations do not occur in phase structure.

The intensities of language are like fragments of mirror: each shines bright but only from certain angles. Whereas the lower brain catches the light from external sources, the new brain reflects the reflected light!

Addicted to excitement is the same structure as Buddhist desire - attachment and refers to the size -> intensity of the older brain. So the fractal pieces of the human brain can never be as "powerful" [hence powerlessness] or match the intensity of the lower brain. The human brain then is gentle, hence gentlemen! So the coffee and other drugs try to match this "feeling, strength, and intelligence of the older brains! The new brain was structured as a tool to help: hence helpful! So humans try to simulate the intensity and integration of the deeper structures in a place that cannot develop that much intensity.

The reduction of input to the somasystems produces a greater sensitivity to group mind.

Other symbols and descriptions of this highest level that include “peaceful”, gentle, creative, simple and easy are real descriptions based on the scientific understanding of the evolution of the human neocortex. This results from the enormous “programming space” that emerged in the evolving neocortex that connected to the “older” mid and reptilian brain structures and to itself at a ration of 10,000 to 1. This allowed processes to emerge in the neocortex that were like the brightness and intensity of diodes compared to the “bright Sunlight” of the older brain structures. This is clearly illustrated by the ability of humans to map or talk about the most difficult situations with dispassion and clarity and to use “analysis”. This tranquil and peaceful process is clearly pointed by the use of “non-attachment” as a central structure of many world cultures. The emergence of the space of the neocortex is scientifically pointed to [but hardly ever recognized by science except by me!] by the connection to a many dimensional processing space of the brain/ mind applied to a 2 dimensional environment of the open plains after humans left the forest and their close relatives in evolution who had first developed this many dimensional mental processing due to their use of the tree tops as their “home”. I give thanks to being a descendant of these apes / monkeys! And am glad that I eat from the fruit of the TREE of the knowledge of good and evil, which tree is of course language, and knowledge is of discipline that allows humans to create social tree structures called culture!

  About 2: Solution. How can there be so much diversity in human groups and culture? Animals seem to form the same groups [seemingly] based on DNA: as if they have no freedom or choice as to how they form groups. Tigers are loners and Lions form hunting groups.

  About 2: Are there real structures in human biology that support or implement the basic maps of choice, freedom, peace and gentleness presented by all human cultures? Are these structures the answers to the ideas of what is “God” or “Buddha”? Are humans providing maps of their highest level [fractal scale] but wrongly identifying them as transcendental?

Humans look for the difficult, unavailable answer, not to the obvious “common” repeated structures, which are just the structures that point to the distributed structure holomind processes.

  The neocortex “spreads” difficult tasks into a phase space in the same way that the mid brain creates solutions in a phase space spread over the reptilian brain! This process is also represented by the way the “chart of houses” is spread over the Qi chart of the cycle of a single day!

 Thus the 6 days of creation may also refer to the Qi chart and the 7th day to the houses as if the phase structure of the organ system that emerges in a single day is mapped onto a single moment as if all the resources spread out during a day one at a time become available to the neocortex at a single moment of NOW!

 For those readers that do not know “Astrology” or TCM [traditional Chinese Medicine] each organ of the organ system described in TCM have a “high function” hour within the daily cycle. The heart is strongest at noon, the large intestine at Dawn and the Stomach [8AM] and Spleen [10AM ] at a division of the time between. [and the same at other times for the other 9 organ systems]. These times are equal divisions of day and night which changes as the day lengthens and shortens during the seasons, not of our “modern equal” clock time.

 This “stable” cycle of our basic organs, where each organ in all animal species peaks at the same time for each individual, is mapped onto the moment of birth of each individual for the “charts” of the mammal brain. The organ functions are mapped onto the function of “emotion” which is a fuzzy intelligence estimator system. Emotions give us a fuzzy estimate of the success or failure of a plan or intention or of possible outcomes of multiple possible courses of action.

 This individual mapping means that no two humans will come up with the same available emotional resources at the same time. [The liver and GB. For anger / limits, the Lungs and LI for available energy, etc. See works on TCM] It is as if the entire year is mapped onto a single day, with the moment of birth deciding the orientation of the energies for the emotional brain as if that moment is the start of a day for that person. Thus the information space of the reptilian / visceral brain is spread out or enlarged from 12 hours to 360 moments.

 This same process of increase of information space is continued for the neocortex of the human brain. [research has begun to suggest that It is possible that other mammals can master language and tasks in a spread out way, but as species they never took advantage of their neocortex because there was no need like that that arose when humans left the forest and had to master a new ecological system, facing new dangers].

My work is the first to map this as the ability of humans to move their inner sources of coherence to different viewpoints of the other coherences. [Coherent sources are the generators of holomind layers, like ego – family – culture – civilization]. It is as if a single human can look at their self and others from any day of the year. Even extended multigenerational family systems established a stable single birthday so as to stabilize the viewpoint and information system for all individuals: all looking at things the same way. This was and is adapted to religious holidays: it is as if the “Christ within each of us” is born on Dec. 25th, and we look at ourselves at our year of birth, but from Christmas as our “spiritual” birthday.

 The introduction of science brought a “public domain” of viewpoints, where each truth can be looked at from all time: every day of the year. Then humans not only moved the coherent source of their individuality viewpoint, they started to move the transcendent [outer planets] viewpoints to multiple views! This has spread out the information space so much, that even electrons and atoms became enormous sources of mappings!! This is the trick of public education! Shifting viewpoints until successful!

  Thus during evolution the functions of a single cell were mapped onto a multidimensional organ – tissue system, and that organ system again mapped onto family systems, and then onto cultures – civilizations. Now it is as if millions of years of physical system evolution has been mapped onto just decades of information system evolution due to the properties and abilities of the neocortex to move maps of itself and all other mappings to multiple viewpoints. We even give it a name: the scientific method. I have made suggestions here of a connection to the rest of evolution in/of holomind.

  The statement or instruction of “face difficult situations by dividing them up into little pieces” is part of the neocortex and is not available to other animals. 

I am looking to show the map or place of “transcendental” ideas so they are no longer transcendental, but part of being human and supported by science in their essence!

  Nobleman! This refers to the ability of humans to self program as if creating DNA code of activity and behavior. We ask the “Gods” for help as if the lower levels [chakras] have programs or behavior structures of connection within group structures [of the heart chakra or higher?]. Thus “noble” can refer to creating programs and instructions that are consistent or stable instead of self organizing and flexible or respondent to circumstances. The old genetic programs of the reptilian fight or flight of self interest can be overridden with programs that extend beyond to large groups. This can be the start of cultural. It moves from Mercury / Earth to Jupiter /Saturn or Uranus / Neptune. These are groups that include contradiction, which points to Uranus/Neptune. The Jupiter [heart] chakra is about resonance and love, not separation and opposition. So communication with language and the 5th / 6th chakras is about alternatives and separation.

Fusion [confusion] is about resonance!

  Do with the easy: this is how the neocortex can break tasks and procedures into a larger phase space of smaller pieces. This is the Way or Path or Tao of Being Human: Easy-dose-it, take-it-easy, be-cool!

 It also applies to Knowledge and wisdom: to know thru the simple. Simplify Simplify Simplify!

This is what I am hoping to do in writing these pages: make designing the mind Simple! 

  In science this simplifying is called “reductionism”. The other side of this is the next step of how things fit together: maps of maps! This is exactly what consciousness does! Holomind is holograms of holograms. This is not pictures of pictures, but phase spaces within phase spaces. Completeness is the keyword here: the little pieces must fit together to make a whole. We cannot keep breaking wholes into little pieces until all the pieces look alike, but lose their connection with the whole. That is what has happened within modern physics and quanta mechanics: the little pieces of atoms lose touch with mind and consciousness. We view this as mere matter instead of states of mind and consciousness that are incomplete maps.


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