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 Participation and feedback in community and the public domain

Participation and feedback in community and the public domain is the cornerstone of modern culture and especially in the progress of science. It is required that anyone can know and test new ideas and designs! These pages are “under construction” as is my entire work. I write from my center without concern about perfection: thus this web looks very sloppy and fragmented because it is. Not put in great order or worry about being understood. That is because I am submitting this work to all humanity, and even if it was completely finished, it would not connect with as big an audience. It would be too mystical and unproved for some or too wordy for others or too scientific. So I am learning to relax!

I open myself to participation from others who wish to connect with these ideas!

Two Content and detail pages:

  Other Writings and Authors

There are many sources that can contribute to understanding and designing holomind. I will add annotated sources from the public domain of thinkers: Modern and traditional.

New creativity for everyone: participation and feedback!

Here I will allow my own self organization to change this material from your input: this is also a page of references on the WWW which has become the new map of human culture, replacing buildings shaped like the inside of a human skull, with a WW network of computers which resembles the interconnection of individual neurons to form a new “ONE MIND”!



[Under construction]

Community in the Public Domain that is Based on Peace and Contrast, can develop Trust and Openness! This requires feedback and communication. I expect to show differing points of view, not only to develop solutions, but also because of self organization everyone develops a different approach which can only be approximated in any single place.

Science shows how the structure of the human brain, called the neocortex, operates in a peaceful, gentle manner open to being programmed within an enormously expanded space that humans have just begun to utilize. So what new usable information in systems of psychology and the arts as well as the “hard sciences” has recently emerged?

These phases of human life can be illustrated by maps of consciousness already present, but unrecognized, like the card games of solitaire! Going up or down and choosing to start with any card after looking at all the shuffle from an up - revealed position is being fully human. Because of self organizing mind, I created all the positions and conditions incumbent on any stack / phase location, so I do not need to “know” how others prearranged the stack regarding any subject or area of knowledge. I do not need the baggage of background or preparation or school as given by others to tell me what things are!!! I am human which means I am Buddha and Christ! These “heroes” were only pointing the way as pioneers!


This “enlightenment” and “nirvana” [as the freedom from baggage] is what I offer and talk about. But this offer is not doing it for others as Christianity moved into, or being totally one[ness] individual as Buddhist culture: but seeing from all sides / viewpoints / phase locations whenever I so decide! This is not some superman /power but is built into the holomind / brain and consequently built intoit being human!!

The basic structure of holographic mind which is equivalent to neural networks but with important structural differences.

All Neural networks in biological systems must be self organizing within their self containment. This fact of contained self organization does NOT directly permit the functional processes like teaching and supervision that are central to human culture. How humans developed structures to circumvent this apparent biological impossibility of Human Culture leads to understanding a new, more inclusive definition of what it is to be human based on science, but validates much of what is contained in all previous human attempts of self understanding called religion and philosophy.


I finally found a web design that encompasses my mind!

The following material from 1996 will now be revised and updated!

I will remove this notice when I finish on this page!

Introducing a new representation of

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

 This web site is still under construction as is my main web page.

Here are some relevant old pages from 1996 on. Still works in progress:

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Page1 Resource 1 Neural Nets

Page2 Resource 2 More Neural nets

Page3 Resource 3 Fractals

Page4 Resource 4 cosmos connection with life: Cellular automata processes and general systems of levels of resolution procedures to [function] produce what we experience as consciousness of inner and outer realities as mind.

Page1 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

Page2 Spiritual No Blame

Page3 Spiritual Buddhist and other religion

Page4 Spiritual science as spiritual

Page5 Spiritual Model of Synergetic Astrology

Page1 Personal Biography

Page2 Personal Poetry

Page3 Personal Music

Page4 Personal Dance

Page Outline of old files

Page Synopsis

Page Daily uploads

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