Gap above mind: religion, science

The highest level of human consciousness cannot directly map itself! Why? Because it is being used to make the maps, so lower levels with less representational space were used that made incomplete maps: they could not know themselves. These maps can be “believed” to be true in religion, but if they were “complete” there would be no necessity of belief. There would be no question or choice: they would be a “reality” and part of the design of mind! The maps of science point in many directions and do not need belief. In fact disbelief, called falsifiability, requires that all maps be clear to and testable by all humans! Now humans can apply these new spiritual principles to the design of mind!

The Path of science:  Complementarity. There are two sides to every reality. This is prefigured in many traditions and many ways. The Taoist map of path and steps includes the Yang and Yin in an intertwined pattern that is a wave form of coherence as well as a fractal structure of opposites contained within each other. They are like a circle dance of men and women holding hands. These figures map the coherence sources necessary to construct holomind like a laser is needed to construct a physical hologram. Consciousness is represented by the interlocking or stacking of holomind embedded within holomind [to the right] and holomind emerging from and encompassing holomind in larger inclusive maps [to the left]. Our personal Mind becomes real when we select a coherent source. Prior to this modern age humans selected sources near the left or right ends of this metaphor representation. Now humans are selecting sources that include the entire process here illustrated. [Send me your responses to what this image invoked for you and you will participate in building Mind that is as inclusive as personal contact was.


Steps to designing and building Mind.

Gap: the experience of unity of consciousness of the “world out there” and my personal mind that I first had in 1966 showed me how my consciousness of everything is one unified whole.

 I can now see this as an experience of consciousness of consciousness where both levels are self organizing: I am taking responsibility for the design of my mind that I am creating since my enlightenment experience in 1958! At that one moment I woke up to the fact that most of what I called “Me” was information given to me by others about “Me” that I had accepted as true.




Steps to understanding and knowing Mind. 

My experience of separateness of myself by consciousness seemingly outside myself that I first had around 1946 and still have today is a direct experience of this human mind that programs the self as the highest level of consciousness seeing itself. It is like seeing a stranger that I live in and call myself! The experience of this “gap” is very vivid as if myself doesn’t belong to me: it is created within some unknown structure that seems to belong to everyone. As if being someone else is as reasonable as being myself. I remember inducing this “state” with the question” “Why am I Me?”.

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