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I propose a new paradigm that opens access to performance of all music, including classical, to everyone by using the computer MIDI format which allows any speed in any or all keys! This is what I use as accompaniment with these performances. I do not try for total concert perfection, but to show that if I can enjoy playing violin concertos on the Double Bass, with a few mistakes here and there, Then so can You: Enjoy!  From Concert I gave at Chicago Public Library in 2001 Violin concertos played on Maggini Chamber bass 1592. 

Most videos are WMV for quick streaming: if it doesn't play, then download: right click!

Bach Double Violin - Oboe Concerto 1st  movement 3rd  movement

Mozart String Quartette K575  1st  mov. 2nd  mov. 3rd  mov. 4th  mov.

Concert '98 Mozart 4th violin concerto WMV  1st Mov2nd Mov.  3rd Mov.   

Bach: opening double violin concerto, small video pictures 1 meg  3rd  mov..

Bach Violin  WMV   Partita #3 Preludio   Same short MPG  regular video size.

New Recent performances: Bach Double 1st mov.   Mon. 3/22    Wed. 3/24   

I am willing to teach these as well as the rest of my repertoire. Which includes Bach violin sonatas and solo partitas, Mozart violin Sonatas and String Quartettes [except those with 2 or more flats due to my transpositions and  "Enough already"] Also the early Beethoven, Brahms, Prokofiev Quartettes and others! If there is an interest I will also produce video or give concerts! My teachers were great: including Bronstein, a fellow student with Heifitz, Moleux, principle bassist Boston symphony and some of the best of Ballet, Modern and Tia Chi! 

  My Dance: discover classical music from within just as emerged in Rock and Roll and now Hip-Hop! Creative dance to all forms with each time original creative movement. With classical it can be more arms and fingers than pelvis! 

  My Dance to Bach Exciting J.S. Bach Piano Concerto. 

My Dance to Stravinsky Symphony 10sec! New format New Dance

Short:  Bach   Modern   Modern   String quartette 

Video problems with picture or sound for Dance:   Tomita1   Tomita2   Tomita3  Tomita5   Tomita 10

Mind as Illusion: Error in video that illustrates real Virtual Conjugate Mind! Very short: but I will make new illustrations soon! OR This conversion error!


The verbal cultural mind as illusion is illustrated by the error video that I made with my new computer video capture. In creating this dance video I used music generated by the same computer that was capturing the video. The video took several seconds before it was transferred to the hard drive of the computer. When this happened the music was playing from the beginning of my real dance to the continuing music had already progressed several seconds. So in effect I was hearing a feedback or overlay of the music's video and I was seeing myself dancing on the screen not in real time. This illustrates the holographic overlay of the real image and the virtual image which interfere with each other. In this case the virtual image is a recording or map of what was really happening.
Relating this to holomind I conclude that are rational mind is like this virtual image which is making a map of reality. That is why the philosophies of many cultures such as Hindu and Buddhist concluded that mind was an illusion or Standing beside itself. This is especially true for the activities of language where we are dealing with constructed maps of reality and not with the reality itself. Thus most of our mental activity is within a world of illusion.
And we translate or make maps of the maps, as with religious institutions, we create illusions that talk about God or the transcendental or the spiritual or metaphysical and occult influence. Thus we attribute the activity of the real process as beyond our knowing: because it has already happened or is ahead of our experience as a map.