Part 2: New Ideas of Deep structure of Mind lead to Self Realization, Integration and Peace!


Peace and gentleness are built into the structure of the brain! (old: home5) }}

Peace or the simple and easy is Built into being human! The East Asian philosophy of Taoism is especially “right on”! The I Ching points to how consciousness exists at all levels of quantum holomind reality. We can see that mater and energy are subsets of mind that are stable in the time dimension, and that “fuzzy states” which are most unstable can still interact with matter. ...

Thus NEW is built into consciousness at different places within the same being!

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My “NEW” includes or enfolds traditional maps of mind from religion and science as the new invention of TV included Radio or the “Car” and “Airplane” upgraded previous types of transportation. Thus the “intent” and direction of flow of many religions will be preserved, but much will change. Also science started within an Exclusive - Not logic, but now new fuzzy logic and ...

Openness? to life and the New results in completion: holomind is complete at every point! This differs from our common - ordinary ideas of seperateness and our self as an object! Yet each complete is also self organizing and unique!

Trust? grows in peaceful spaces!

Interdependance? emerges from understanding that we as individuals are part of a social whole or holomind! This emerges from self realization!

for more see: NewMind .. information yet to be integrated