New science points to understanding traditional organization - coherence!

From Shufflebrain:

"In the moiré patterns out of phase depends on how far apart the centers of the central ring lie. The stripes (whose thickness is inversely proportional to the phase difference) represent the phase code in transform space "

 The width or level of resolution of the strips is large of the centers of the images are close and small or high resolution if the centers are farther apart [pg 155], which translates into how the language brain of high resolution is a projection far away from the "real" original image that is reconstructed - back-transformed in the center. Images close to the center are of low resolution or powerful which are the operation of the sensation - emotional brain. Then even in the language brain the emotional quality can be stronger when the image in closer to the center and we "feel a connection"! This can be a part of self realization when we find that close connection with the most abstract image maps found in science like I did with music and peace!

Where do stripes, dots and rings emerge to reveal  phase code of holomind, yet seem far away from science. What just emerged [1 31 2005] is that the I Ching is just such a self realization of the connection of mind / matter and the cosmos with what humans experience as mind! This is even the structure of phase elements that describes "Astrology" as a similar emergence!

The level of resolution that points to the Chakras and levels of reptilian [5 lines 32 states] - animal/emotional [6 lines 64 states] - human [7-9 lines 128 - 512 states] and peaceful [1,000 petal lotus!! [10 lines 1024 states]] holomind centers is found in the I Ching!

Here are the relationships between phase spaces and levels of resolution:

This is an indication of the relationship between levels of resolution of matter and mind: so we use different maps like energy - particles rational, and emotional - Qi, and mental. [which I have not yet drawn a state diagram. But it would be almost invisible from this perspective!

This structure shows I Ching and Chakras and holomind within Bohm's paradigm of being in implicate order:

This also reveals the I Ching and other so called abstract images as being the phase code of mind as coherent sources before the interference pattern exists. Yet as layers or phase dimensions the first dimensions become coherence sources for the next layers: thus creating interference patterns. Thus the Hexigrams are mind-viewed [psychic vision] as emotional situations and outcomes, not just as coherence like trigrams as elements! The coherence is the same structure as "the Word is God" where God is coherence and creation - self organization!