Music is a scientific model of mind and of the emergence of Culture within mind. Music uses coherence of key and time signatures in the same way holography uses coherent laser light to produce a hologram: which has become a new paradigm for mental activity since the 70's. This also explains the structures in Asian medicine of Qi, prana, chakras and many other spiritual subjects which now have scientific explanations! Because the self organizing neural network structures of the mind cannot be externally supervised, Culture would be biologically impossible. Music shows how we can internalize maps of culture that are coherent sources for the content and rules that make Culture possible! Humans are the first species to construct new parts of Mind itself! Directly! Such as Language and tools that emerge directly from coherent sources! Thus tools and language are coherent sources that fit with the bio code of mind! Thus humans are the first species to access the way holomind is constructed to design and build new features. Culture, Religion, Karma and Work emerge from Coherent sources that write the code of holomind and capture content like an Artist's canvas!