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Introducing a new representation of

Being Human and Mind

Introducing a new understanding of human nature and Mind based on new ideas in science that have been prefigured in diverse spiritual traditions, Astrology, Arts and Music including scientific explanations of One Mind, Creativity, Freedom, and Peace.

You can get a Synergetic Astrology Chart that goes far far far beyond the 5,000 year old traditional astrology. It includes charts for the 3 brain layers: basic Traditional Chinese Medicine Qi chart of the reptilian brain, Mid brain charts for Male and Female, Human brain neocortex charts from all viewpoints! These include the female Qi of the earth and the male Qi of the heavens!

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This page shows how and why life forms that use holographic processes to organize and structure themselves used the cosmos as coherent sources for holographic mind. The beginning of holomind starts with the formation of multi-cellular organisms containing functions and processes separated into organ systems from single cells. This linking of the same basic DNA cell structure into diverse cell groups that perform different functions, yet know that they are part of a larger structure is accomplished by the overlayering of one hologram on top of many smaller holograms. This allows the system interaction of multiple coherent sources responding to two independent "frequencies" or wavelengths. These multiple coherent sources are available in the immediate cosmos as the solar system. Thus the interaction by conjunction of Earth and Venus over an 8 year period forms 5 conjunction points that form a 5 pointed pentigram star. This is a stable repeating structure that I believe is the basis of the Qi of the 5 elements studied in acupuncture. Other pairs make the Star of David [Earth and Mercury over 1 year plus Jupiter and Saturn over 60 years] and the Cross. [Look to other pages for Acupuncture]

This same process was/is employed by individuals to form family groups, and family groups to form cultures and civilizations. During the formation of civilization a new problem arose: how to allow specialization and diversity without the reductive focus of DNA which tends to maintain stability. The diversity of civilization can not take place using only the amount of biological diversity allowed by DNA, so a new chaotic source of coherence needed to be employed. Otherwise everyone in a culture would aspire to be a doctor [or some other major success]. So the newly evolving neocortex that had developed agriculture discovered and employed the connection with the cosmos in the older reptilian and mammal brain. But not in the same way: with more freedom and variation. Thus humans evolved from single cells to multicellular organisms to group structures and then employing the knowledge of how to be single ego-cells again. Thus arose Fate and Karma of the individual which was investigated and charted by Astrology.



  Astrology was the first Science of Holographic Mind: It shows the phase structure of emerging civilization and Cultures!

   The space structure of holographic mind understood from the astrological picture shows the distortion of seeing the phase structure from a different base as equivalent to the geocentric position. This is like the shuffle in a solitaire game. Then the coherent order of the cards is equivalent to the heliocentric position of the individuals planets seen from the center of the solar system at the sun. Then the will of God or the life task of the individual is to put the shuffle in coherent order based on the heliocentric position. Other people who entered this person's life create a different shuffle by seeing the planets in a different position as distorted from the geocentric position of the other persons earth. Then if the other person is superior in rank they may try to create an order based on their heliocentric positions of their planets, not of the planets of the original individual. Thus parents assume they know what is right for their children and society builds itself around these original coherent positions vis-a-vis the Star of David or the cross or the 5 pointed star.

Thus astrology tries to tell us what our real geocentric position is from the point of view of 5000 years ago as updated recently by the writers of books and other so-called authorities. This reading of the chart can be very accurate from a psychic point of view, if not be very modern since it is based on old interpretations which can now be called different coherent orders of the phase structure of mind.

I can use the screensaver of the airplane flying across the screen over clouds as metaphor for how the shuffle changes from different vectors. Thus the phase structure is from the center and the vectors are from the heliocentric or view from other planets.

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